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Obama’s New Year’s Resolution Claims to Defend Children, but it has nothing to do with Abortion!

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To avoid ruining the “after party” celebration hope for a New Year, Obama should have “let go” of the need to deliver a weekly address. He and the Sasquatch could have sat wherever in Hawaii, watched the Rose Bowl Parade, ate some collards and black-eyed peas, and left Americans alone to enjoy one holiday without his ugly mug appearing in the media. But, no way could this man resist beginning the New Year with his weekly address filled with lies on top of lies on top of lies. Never has a president appeared so chipper about destroying a nation.

In his weekly address, Obama stated he made a resolution to take action on gun control because Congress has not. Wading through all the lies up to the point he declared his intention is bad enough. But, sitting through the lies of marriage equality in all 50 states, 90% of the population supporting more widespread background checks, the majority of NRA households supporting background checks for everyone, and that tens of thousands of Americans have been “mowed down” by gun violence, makes one want to barf. There may be tens of thousands of incidents involving firearms, but this man uses the term “mowed down” as though America is back in the 1930s with Al Capone’s “tommy guns” gang riding around America shooting the place up.

Where the rubber meets the road in causing increases in blood pressure is Obama informing all about how many letters from parents, children and teachers he gets discussing the “epidemic of gun violence.” This man goes on to tell everyone to be more passionate and more organized than this “gun lobby” that supports “guns being effortlessly available for everyone.” Moreover, Obama declares this increase from the anti-gun lobbyists has to occur “in defense of our kids.”

How many “kids” are murdered by doctors and their mothers every day of the week resulting in a total of over 56 million babies killed in the womb? There is no law saying it is “legal” to rip babies’ faces off to pull out their brain or slit them from stem to stern to jerk out a heart. If the facility doesn’t engage in murdered baby parts for profit, the baby is sucked out violently like you use a vacuum cleaner hose to suck up peanuts on the floor. Evidently, Gabby Giffords, the families in Newtown, Obama, and Mom’s Demand Action, along with Michael Bloomberg don’t flinch an inch when an innocent baby is “mowed down,” “snuffed out,” “cut up” for parts, or “ripped out” of its mother’s womb by some doctor who enjoys committing murder.

To hear Obama talk, legal gun owners are promoters of “gun violence” for abiding by the Constitution through upholding, supporting and protecting the Second Amendment. All these organizations’ common sense gun garbage only targets legal gun owners, not criminals. But, these people use actions by criminals to infringe on legal gun owners. Yet, these same people support murder, back organizations that commit murder, provide impunity to doctors who commit murder by allowing the killing of babies in the womb.

If anyone wants to see violence, view an abortion. Thanks to the wonders of medical science, women can now have “sterile” responsibility from the violent murder of the unborn. Doctors can sit by and let a “suction” device do their dirty work as they smile committing a murder. This is all acceptable to the gun-grabbers. See, their philosophy is that murder of children is acceptable if you kill them before you see them and they get to decide when after conception is acceptable to murder the baby. These same people call the murder of babies who live through the procedure a “post-birth abortion.”

If gun owners are targeted for restriction in violation of the Constitution, then surely no one would have a problem with any restrictions on automobiles due to the violent nature of automobile deaths. It shouldn’t matter that any restriction on automobiles restricts the freedom of movement, which is covered under the Ninth Amendment. These same people believe driving is a privilege. States should consider raising the age to obtain a driver’s license to 18 or 21. Car owners should have to go through a background check since an automobile is a “deadly weapon.” No one wants mentally ill individuals in possession of an automobile.

By the same logic, purchasers of baseball bats, knives, hammers, axes, machetes and shovels should not be allowed the purchase until passing a background check since these items are deadly. Any mentally ill individual possessing one of these items would be dangerous. Also, individuals should be required to have a permit for any of these items if they intend to carry them, have them on the person outside their property, and intend to allow use by others.

Special permits and background checks should be required for saws, chainsaws, nail guns and any piece of equipment that ejects a projectile using compressed air. Any individual would need to complete a safety course and demonstrate the ability to use the equipment properly in order to obtain a permit. These items are particularly dangerous in the hands of the mentally ill.

Following the logic of gun-grabbers and Obama in trashing the Second Amendment, an argument can be made to limit and restrict any item or piece of equipment that could be considered deadly and result in violent crime. But, restriction of automobiles or any other item mentioned will not happen. The reason — it’s difficult to defend oneself against government tyranny with a baseball bat when the government goons have automatic weapons.

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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