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Obama’s Power Plant Regulations: Marxist Ploy to Further Cripple Economy

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On Monday, our slimy excuse for a president announced new regulations on power-plant carbon emissions that will have a substantial effect on the production, storage and use of energy. Obama presented the plan as a necessary step to combat global warming, even though the conventional climate change models have been debunked as politically-driven junk science propaganda.

“There is such a thing as being too late when it comes to climate change,” Obama said.

Yeah. Right… At the 2014 State of the Union Address, he also said, “the science is settled.”

And I’m a freakin’ runway model…

Obama’s plan calls for a 32 percent emissions cut by 2030 compared to 2005 levels, these goals being steeper than previously expected. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) called the new rules “unachievable without great economic pain.” Coal mines across the country have already been hit hard by federal over-regulation; Alpha Natural Resources, one of the nation’s largest coal producers, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection just this week.

Although the press claims that the new regulatory plan faces tough resistance, between the craven liars among the GOP leadership and heretofore ineffectual complaints of the energy industry, Americans have no reason to expect that Obama won’t get just what he wants once again.

We’ve come to accept the lie that activists, lobbyists, and politicians who champion environmental causes actually care about the environment, and are doing so for that reason. In the case of our Saboteur-in-Chief, the underlying agenda rings more true than with any government official in the last 50 years.

Since the 1960s, America has been at the forefront of conscientious energy production. These days, it is the emerging and Third World nations who tell the U.S. and Europe to stuff it when we suggest they adopt more environmentally-friendly energy production standards.

But nothing in the realm of environmentally-friendly energy production standards will ever be enough to satisfy those who are at the forefront of the environmental movement: Communists.

In case we’ve forgotten; in January of 2008, Obama told the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Under my plan of a cap and trade system electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Businesses would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that cost onto consumers.”

Sure, they were discussing cap and trade, but that elitist, cavalier mindset gives rise to both cap and trade schemes and onerous over-regulation. The ultimate goal in the minds of communists who lobby for environmentally-friendly energy production standards, and politicians like Obama who implement them with a stroke of his mighty MarxistIslamistcriminal-fraud-committingcloseted-homosexual pen, is to incrementally cripple the energy industry. In the end, it will come down to the survival of those one or two companies willing to be “owned” by the government – or which already are.

Did General Electric (good old GE) happen to spring to anyone’s mind..?

They’re doing it in every key industry – agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, information technology – and they’ve been doing so for decades. We’ve already seen how aggressively they seized upon two of our most important industries, health care and automobiles. In the Southwest where I live, the huge government-subsidized agriculture companies are driving small family farmers, ranchers, and processors out of business at an alarming rate – all with the aid of government regulations crafted to help them do just that.

And since it’s all been dictated by government regulations, the law-abiding (and now bankrupt) farmers and ranchers who’ve worked the same land for generations just go gentle into that good night, instead of laying siege to their state capitols and executing the progressive governors and state lawmakers who countenance or promote this criminality.

But since we’ve been so thoroughly propagandized and dumbed-down, and no one wants to be seen as unconcerned about the planet, few people are even well-versed enough, let alone willing, to call this what it is: COMMUNISM ON THE MARCH. If just one congressman or senator stood up in the Capitol or on a national television show and said “You know, we’ve got to stop this nonsense. We’re really very good stewards of the environment as a nation, but these radicals don’t care about that. Their objective is to damage the economy in order to coalesce their political power and advance a collectivist oligarchy,” at least some Americans would start seriously considering the question.

But not one of them has once stated that which they should have been screaming from the rooftops for years now. And since our president seems to nearly always get what he wants, even when his opposition holds better cards, frankly I’m not terribly encouraged…

*Article by Erik Rush

The Washington Standard

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