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Omnicide: More Earth Worshippers Than You Think Have A Desire To Make Humans Extinct

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Omnicide is defined as the extinction of humans at the hands of humans.  And more people than you could imagine want humanity to become extinct and eerily enough, we now have the technology to make it possible.

With the invention of the atomic bomb, the ultimate self-destruction of humanity and our extinction became possible. Right now, the governments of the world could eliminate humanity with nuclear weapons if they choose to do so.  They could also, most likely, exterminate everyone but themselves, as they relax in their safe houses and bunkers built to withstand a nuclear apocalypse.

My own research suggests that the percentage of people who would push a doomsday button, if it were placed within finger’s reach, is fairly small, but the absolute number is unacceptably high. Even a quick Google search seems to affirm this. –OneZero.Medium

Some groups, such as the Gaia Liberation Front (GLF), an ecoterrorist group, want everyone dead. GLF says that their mission is  “the total liberation of the Earth, which can be accomplished only through the extinction of the Humans as a species.” In advocating this, they argue that “if any Humans survive, they may start the whole thing over again. Our policy is to take no chances.”

GLF contends that bioengineering is “the specific technology for doing the job right of annihilating humanity — and it’s something that could be done by just one person with the necessary expertise and access to the necessary equipment.” They continue: “…genetically engineered viruses… have the advantage of attacking only the target species. To complicate the search for a cure or a vaccine, and as insurance against the possibility that some Humans might be immune to a particular virus, several different viruses could be released (with provision being made for the release of a second-round after the generals and the politicians had come out of their shelters).”


Technologies such as gene drives, digital-to-biological converters, and CRISPR-Cas9 are making it increasingly feasible to synthesize designer pathogens that could be far more devastating than anything found in nature, reported OneZero.Medium.

Unfortunately, all it would take is the wrong person getting elected and given power over others. However, now that it isn’t just nuclear weapons that could annihilate the human race, it isn’t just those elitists in governments we need to worry about.

Most seem to think that giving the authoritarians in government the power to extinguish all of our human rights in the name of preventing omnicide will be effective.  However, human history has shown otherwise.  Avoiding extinction means humans will need to evolve beyond the master/slave paradigm all of us are subjected to by the government.  We will need to show compassion for each other and violence against each other will need to become unacceptable – even when the elected masters do it. If we cannot evolve beyond needing political masters to dictate our lives and commit violence necessary to retain their authority over everyone, omnicide and democide will both be nightmarish realities of our future.

Read Phil Torres’ entire article titled “Who Wants to Destroy the World? More people than you might expect — and new technologies might give them the power to do it” by clicking here.

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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