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On Eve of North Korea Summit, Trump Warns Kim ‘It’s a One-Time Shot’

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President Donald Trump told reporters that he feels very optimistic ahead of the historic talks with Kim Jong Un (KJU). Although he hopes for a favorable outcome, as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo remarked last week, his “eyes are wide open.” Trump has made it clear that this is a “one-time shot for Kim. This opportunity will not present itself again.

The mainstream media, predictably, appears to be rooting for his failure. They mocked Trump when he agreed to talks back in March. How can a US president give Kim legitimacy on the world stage, they asked. Several weeks ago, when Kim’s behavior turned unexpectedly aggressive following a trip to China, Trump walked away from the talks and wrote a letter to Kim saying, “You talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used.” Of course, the media criticized him for flip-flopping on the world stage.

Hannity presents a medley of CNN and MSNBC figures in various stages of hysteria as they discuss Trump’s handling of Kim Jong Un at 5:20 in the video below. They call his behavior “demented” and say that he is “not well,” “not fit for office,” that he is goading Kim Jong Un into testing another nuclear missile. One says that Trump and Kim come across as “kindergartners except that they have nuclear weapons.” It ends with MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski warning us “of 100,000 Americans dying or a million being killed in Seattle. This is where we are. This is no exaggeration.”

Aside from Kim’s aggressive words prior to Trump’s calling off the talks recently, Kim has appeared to be acting in good faith. So far, Sean Hannity reminds us that, “North Korea has halted their nuclear tests. ICBM tests are done. They released three American hostages. They’ve agreed to discuss the complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.”

Trump may very well be on the road to a huge foreign policy success to add to an already enviable record of achievements sure to boost Republican’s fortunes in the upcoming midterms. The left knows this and it’s tying them up in knots.

Contrary to what the mainstream media would have us believe, Donald Trump is not a stupid man. He is well aware of North Korea’s long history of manipulation and deceit.

As a life-long, world-class businessman, he has spent decades negotiating with the most sophisticated and skilled business leaders on the planet. He knows how to negotiate a deal. This is what he means when he says he has spent his entire life preparing for this moment.

KJU was groomed to step into the shoes of his father, the late Kim Jong Il. As intended, he became a ruthless, murderous dictator, a role he has embraced.

That said, I do believe there is a small part of KJU (which was absent in his father and grandfather), a little flash of the human spirit that longs to connect with others. He certainly connected with Dennis Rodman a while back. And this perception was reinforced by Kim’s behavior as he interacted with South Korean President Moon last month. Kim was photographed holding hands with his South Korean counterpart, he was beaming, he projected warmth and it all seemed quite genuine.

And yes, I know his country is in deep financial trouble right now, and it would be in his best interest to relieve this economic pressure. But, an irredeemable soul wouldn’t be able to carry off the conviviality that Kim displayed during his visit with Moon.

President Trump has an engaging personality and a strong sense of humor; which Kim would likely react positively to. He has the ability to “disarm” people – when he chooses to.

I believe Trump has what it takes to reach Kim. And if he can’t strike a satisfactory deal, he is not afraid to walk away. The past three US Presidents all tried, and failed, to end North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. Quite possibly, Trump will succeed where others have not. He calls his strategy “Peace through Strength,” which is reminiscent of the phrase made famous by President Teddy Roosevelt, “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.”

Despite the fact that 90% of the mainstream media’s coverage of Trump is negative, President Trump continues to move methodically down his list of campaign promises. He has likely accomplished more in the first 16 months of his presidency than any president since FDR. With luck, he may be handed another win next week.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Elizabeth Vaughn.

The Washington Standard

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