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One Thing The Governors Are Failing To Tell You! (Video)

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“Get vaccinated! -Governor Tim Walz

Recently a conversation was had where a woman had told us that she was excited to get her experimental Covid vaccine shot. She had said that she was looking forward to everything going back to normal, that she was tired of all of this covid talk, masks and the continual warning of what could happen if you did not take one. In other words, she was drinking all in that the propagandists were filling her cup up with.

When we tried to tell her that many well-known doctors were trying to warn the people on a global scale she immediately responded with then why isn’t on television.

What she said was right, why wasn’t it on television?

But 94% of the people declare that they do not trust the mainstream media. Furthermore, we have over and over again reminded the people that big tech companies, along with the mainstream media working hand in glove with corrupt politicians to sell you both the fear of the invisible enemy and their said resolve of vaccines (Ephesians 4:14), have been censoring any information which blows their false and deceptive narratives (John 8:44) out of the water.  Apparently, sh does not understand that the same ones selling the fear are the same ones selling the vaccinations.  These are the same ones manufacturing the death tolls and manipulating test results to tip in favor of setting their false narratives.

Friends, this whole war on an invisible enemy, as they have named it, has been nothing but an invasion into our personal lives, as well as a war against our God-given rights.

On top of all of this, Americans are seeing their said governors coming out blowing the horn in a favorable light when it comes to playing the salesmen on behalf of the corrupt CDC as well as for the vaccine companies themselves when telling their constituents to get vaccinated (Notice video only has 110 views).

Woman from Israel exposing the current government in her country.

Yet, one thing is always missing from every one of the propaganda pieces, and that is the truth.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media. Article by Bradlee Dean

The Washington Standard

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