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“Operation Trade Secrets” Florida: 85 Arrests For Human Trafficking

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Authorities in Florida say they’ve arrested 85 people in a months long human trafficking sting.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister announced the arrests Monday.

Officials say “Operation Trade Secrets” began at the outset of the year, focusing on hotels, motels, spas, massage parlors, strip clubs, adult bookstores and other activities. – Source WPTV

The following video is courtesy of FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay:

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Hillsborough County deputies rounded up dozens of men and women suspected of sex-related crimes as part of a six-month operation targeting human traffickers.

During a news conference Monday, Sheriff Chad Chronister said Operation Trade Secrets landed 85 in jail.


Fox 13 goes on to report:

Hillsborough County deputies rounded up dozens of men and women suspected of sex-related crimes as part of a six-month operation targeting human traffickers.

During a news conference Monday, Sheriff Chad Chronister said Operation Trade Secrets landed 85 in jail.

“The efforts behind Operation Trade Secrets will have no ending until human trafficking is stopped,” the sheriff said. “Whether you live here, are vacationing or visiting for any of our large upcoming sporting events like Wrestlemania or Super Bowl LV, there is zero tolerance for this type of predatory behavior. Our message for anyone involved with the despicable practice of human trafficking: stop because we’re coming for you.”

Chronister said the suspects face a range of charges including prostitution, sex trade, drugs, weapons and child pornography.

Marcell Walsh, 40, is the only person facing a human trafficking charge after, according to deputies, a woman told deputies Walsh was forcing her into prostitution.

Chronister believes there may be many more similar cases.

Trump promised to throw his full weight behind fight against human trafficking and this appears to be the latest small wave from what has been a tsunami of sexual-exploitation victories. Let’s not forget the major victory against NXIVM and Keith Raniere recently.

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This is from WhiteHouse.gov:

This is an urgent humanitarian issue. My administration is committed to leveraging every resource we have to confront this threat, to support the victims and survivors, and to hold traffickers accountable for their heinous crimes.

Donald J. Trump

President of the United States

COMMITTED TO ERADICATING HUMAN TRAFFICKING: President Trump has signed four bills in recent weeks that demonstrate the bipartisan commitment to end human trafficking.

  • Today, the President is signing the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (S. 1862) which tightens criteria for whether countries are meeting standards for eliminating trafficking.
  • The President signed the Abolish Human Trafficking Act in December, which strengthens programs supporting survivors and resources for combating modern slavery.
  • President Trump signed the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act, authorizing $430 million to fight sex and labor trafficking.
  • The President signed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (S. 1312), establishing new prevention, prosecution, and collaboration initiative to bring human traffickers to justice.
  • In addition to these efforts, Congress needs to pass legislation that strengthens border security and prevents human trafficking in all forms.


Strengthen the border?

Yes that has everything to do with human trafficking.


The Daily Beast reported last year, “According to Catherine Oxenberg, the former Dynasty star who helped take down a sex cult, NXIVM leader Keith Raniere was a man on a sick mission. In her new book, Captive: A Mother’s Crusade to Save Her Daughter from a Terrifying Cult, Oxenberg sheds light on a number of Raniere’s more sinister schemes.”

Oxenberg says that while gathering information on NXIVM, she discovered that Raniere was set on world domination—and had the Mexican connections to make his dreams a reality. Oxenberg notes that ESP had “garnered a big following in Mexico.” She saw it firsthand when she flew to Mexico City to take an Executive Success Programs course entitled “Family Values”.

Just another reason to build the damn wall!

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Well-done Florida and well-done President Trump.

We now live in a country that is hungry to identify, capture and prosecute these people.

In Obama’s America we lived in a reality where we had a first lady who may have been a drag queen and a president who might have…

Oh who knows what the hell Obama might have done? (clicking this link may disgust you)

Thank God he’s gone.

As for the recent news out of Florida…

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

The Washington Standard

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