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Oppose Abortion? You’re a White Nationalist Terrorist

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This is how best to discredit, demonize, and direct violence against your enemies—align them with white nationalists.

The poster child for the evil white “conservative” is Rep. Steve King, a Republican congressman from Iowa. Steve’s problem is he talks too much about what he believes and this makes him a favorite target of the Identity Left. 

Earlier this week The Washington Post—the CIA’s onetime favorite newspaper—linked the antiabortion movement to King and the MAGAcons (who are, we must assume, all white and consumed with hatred of women and state-sanction and set aside minorities). 

Marissa Brostoff, the culture editor at Jewish Currents and a research fellow at Political Research Associates (a little brother of the SPLC), writes

King is only the most notorious of the politicians who have recently justified their opposition to abortion by linking it to their anti-immigration politics. Conservative lawmakers and right-wing vigilantes alike have adopted a seemingly new language for describing their antiabortion stance: the white nationalist discourse of the “great replacement,” a conspiracy theory that holds that nonwhite immigrants are demographically “replacing” whites throughout the West.

This is a direct reference to Brenton Tarrant, the alleged Christchurch mosque shooter who supposedly posted a manifesto replete with the ideas of Renaud Camus, a French essayist. Tarrant’s alleged terror in New Zealand was followed by a shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. The accused shooter, Patrick Crusius, is also said to have posted a manifesto. The first sentence of “The Inconvenient Truth” reads:

In general, I support the Christchurch shooter and his manifesto. This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. They are the instigators, not me. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion. 

The plan calls for demonizing and criminalizing all political activity of the Identity Left’s enemies, not simply white nationalists, but also those opposed to the Left’s pet issues, in this case, abortion. 

Enter the TAPS Act, or Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety Act of 2019. The “promising” idea of this legislation, according to Congress critter Brian Babin, is

to prevent targeted attacks before they ever occur. Everyone knows the phrase “if you see something, say something.” Yet state and local law enforcement agencies often lack the tools and resources to analyze and evaluate the warning signs that frequently precede mass attacks. This bill will help law enforcement agencies large and small learn from the best practices of agencies like the Secret Service and Capitol Police to identify and stop violence before the first shot is fired. By modernizing our approach, we can keep every American safer and give each of us the freedom to live our lives without fear of targeted violence

The behavioral threat assessment proposed will [determine] the credibility and seriousness of a potential threat and interrupting those who are on a pathway to violence.”

It is a political precrime strategy. Babin argues the TAPS “behavioral threat assessment and management processes must become part of the culture and fabric of contemporary law enforcement.”

In other words, the cop on the street—with the appropriate indoctrination—will decide who is a white nationalist preparing to shoot-up a mosque or retail outlet. 

“The TAPS act violates our constitutional rights,” S. Noble writes for the Independent Sentinel.  

It gives the Department of Homeland Security the right to appoint 23 unelected pencil pushers to “identify individuals who are exhibiting patterns of concerning behavior” and to manage those Americans somehow, some way. They would become a policing body ruling the behavior of Americans as judge, jury, and executioner.

The “Joint Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management Task Force” would consist of one government employee at a GS-15 level or higher and 23 selectees chosen by the politically-appointed Secretary. The people would not even get to elect any of these people.

Their job would be to select those individuals who show “concerning behaviors” and create an authoritative power on the federal and local level to watch over them and control them.

In April, the FBI said the number one domestic terror threat, far worse than anything possibly perpetrated by al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, is the largely illusionary white nationalist movement. 

The Center for Strategic and International Studies—home to Henry Kissinger, the late Zbigniew Brzezinski, neocon Richard Armitage, deep insider Brent Scowcroft, among others—believes the top threat is white nationalism. 

Of particular concern are white supremacists and anti-government extremists, such as militia groups and so-called sovereign citizens interested in plotting attacks against government, racial, religious, and political targets in the United States. The October 27, 2018, Pittsburgh synagogue shooting by Robert Bowers, and the arrest a day earlier of Cesar Sayoc who sent pipe bombs to prominent Democrats, appear to be the most recent manifestations of this trend. Both perpetrators were far-right extremists. Although violent left-wing groups and individuals also present a threat, far-right-networks appear to be better armed and larger. There also is a continuing threat from extremists inspired by the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. But the number of attacks from right-wing extremists since 2014 has been greater than attacks from Islamic extremists. 

This is, of course, nonsense. If we look at the statistics, we see the vast majority of mass shootings have absolutely nothing to do with politics, including so-called white nationalism. Boyd D. Cathey quotes Daniel Greenfield: 

The perception that mass shootings are a “white man’s problem” lingers around the country because white mass shooters tend to get more publicity. And, the twisted young male who goes on a public shooting spree fits a certain kind of media narrative. But when we actually study the mass shootings that took place in 2019, it’s clear that Patrick Crusius and Connor Betts are not the norm, but aberrations.

Mass shooters have no particular ideology. Crusius and Betts were opposites ideologically. (Though both cared deeply about the environment.) Nor are mass shooters a white problem or a black problem. Over the same bloody weekend, William Patrick Williams, who is African-American, appeared in court after being arrested by the FBI for planning to shoot up a Texas hotel with an AK-47 rifle.

Looking at the data from the Mass Shooting Tracker, widely utilized by the media, as of this writing, of the 72 mass shooters, perpetrators in shootings that killed or wounded 4 or more people, whose race is known, 21 were white, 37 were black, 8 were Latino, and 6 were members of other groups.

51% of mass shooters in 2019 were black, 29% were white, and 11% were Latino.

Christopher DeGroot adds:

Now whites constitute 61% of the country’s population, followed by Hispanics at 17.8% and blacks at 12.7%. As with all violent crime, most mass shootings are committed by young men. But whether we adjust for age and gender or not, white people are underrepresented among mass shooters. So are Hispanics. Blacks, however, are highly overrepresented. Of course, since whites are a kind of scapegoat these days—whereby other groups form an alliance, albeit thin and transitory, via enmity for whites—the left-wing media present mass shootings as a distinctly white phenomenon. “White-nationalist terrorism” and “Alt Right ideas, memes & speech,” we’re to believe, are about to turn the U.S. into Nazi Germany. Such an egregiously biased perspective, if it does anything, will likely lead to more “white-nationalist terrorism.”

In pointing out the obvious, we become racists, misogynists, antisemites, and wild-eyed and supremely dangerous conspiracy theorists. 

Facts about mass shootings and the extreme exaggeration of the white nationalist “threat” have very little to do with violence and everything to do with weakening if not outright eliminating the Right (and this works on the Left as well—case in point, Israel and its treatment of the Palestinians). 

The neoliberal elite pushing this farce isn’t concerned about mass shooting death. If they were, they’d turn their attention to the endless violence in Chicago, Baltimore, and Detroit. The perps are largely black, and so are the victims.

The plan is to turn “deplorable” Americans into political criminals and make damn sure another Donald Trump doesn’t come along to upset the establishment apple cart. 

As an example of this seething hatred, look no further than Bill Mahr’s cruel jokes about the death of David Koch. This is what the Left, in this case, the entitled Hollywood Left, wish on their enemies—a slow and painful cancer death cheered and applauded by Antifa-supporting factions on the Left. 

No state is “kinder and gentler” when it comes to liquidating political enemies. I’m afraid this is what we have to look forward to—more violence (unreported or excused by the corporate media), more intimidation, more calls to shut down the First, Second, and Fourth amendments to the Constitution, and soon roving militarized police brainwashed by the SPLC, the ADL, and the DNC establishment with its ludicrous cries of Russian election subversion and Donald Trump as Putin’s chump. 

Article posted with permission from Kurt Nimmo

Kurt Nimmo

Kurt Nimmo has blogged on political issues since 2002. In 2008, he worked as lead editor and writer at Infowars, and is currently a content producer for Newsbud. His book Another Day In The Empire is available from Amazon.
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