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Oregon Prison Guards Decided to Attack Ryan Bundy This Week

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Odds are, if you consider yourself a “constitutionalist,” or a true “Patriot,” it’s a safe bet you already know what happened during the early days of 2016 in Harney County, Oregon, during the Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Depending on who you talk to, some might refer to the series of events as the “Bundy Standoff.” Wikipedia describes the events as follows, but for those of us who paid close attention… it was much, much more.

The Bundy standoff was an armed confrontation between protesters and law enforcement that developed from a 20-year legal dispute between the United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and cattle rancher Cliven Bundy, over unpaid grazing fees on federally owned land in southeastern Nevada.

Since I covered the standoff from start to finish, at the bottom of this post, you’ll find links to every story I did, and they are in chronological order beginning with the first one at the top and the most recent one at the bottom. In the following video, I provide a brief recap of what transpired during the standoff. I’ll explain who is currently being held as political prisoners as a result of that standoff, and I’ll explain how they were taken by the same corrupt government, and same corrupt politicians that sold this country’s Uranium to the Russians and the Chinese. Ultimately, I’ll explain how it came to pass that Ryan Bundy’s face is all beat up as you can see above in the picture.

During the video, and throughout the brief recap, I’ll also explain who Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore and Gavin Seim are. Both of them have done a great deal to try to help our wrongfully imprisoned brothers and sisters.


The next video was recorded by Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore and Gavin Seim. The video can be found with a long article that accompanies it HERE. The video starts off with Michelle and Gavin explaining that Ryan Bundy was recently abducted (for lack of a better word),  from his prison cell. Ryan’s abduction prompted Ammon Bundy, Ryan’s older brother, to call his wife Lisa and let her know what was happening.

As Michelle explains in the video, she got a frantic call from Lisa Bundy, the wife of Ammon Bundy, who was the  leader of the January takeover at the ranch. Lisa called Michelle in the morning at 9:14 am saying she had just spoken with her husband, and according to Fiore, Lisa was quite frantic and in a panic because Ammon had told her that guards “bum rushed” Ryan’s cell in order to convince him to go to the hospital for the purpose of having a bullet removed from his arm.

To help paint the picture, without ruining the video, you should know that “law enforcement” claimed no bullets were shot. “Law enforcement” has claimed a lot of things since the standoff that have turned out to be TOTAL lies, and I know that because I’ve seen and heard them with my own eyes and ears on several of the videos contained in the posts linked below. To sum up what’s going on, “law enforcement” NEEDS that bullet to vanish, and it goes without saying, that Ryan Bundy NEEDS that bullet right where it is, because It’s his only evidence. Watch the video:

Shari Dovale wrote: 

Ryan Bundy is in Solitary Confinement until after his trial. This means that he will have limited opportunities to prepare for defending his freedom. How did this happen?

Bundy was a major player in the political protest that took place at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Harney County this past January. On January 26, 2016, the FBI, in coordination with Oregon State Police (OSP), staged an illegal “Deadman’s Roadblock” which resulted in the murder of LaVoy Finicum. It also left a bullet, or possibly a fragment of a bullet, in the arm of Ryan Bundy.

The FBI agents are already under investigation for lying during that incident. They claimed that they did not fire their weapons. However, it has been shown that there were two bullet casings that were illegally removed from the scene. All of OSP’s shots have been accounted for, therefore the shots seem to have come from the FBI.

This is all relevant because of the bullet left in Bundy’s arm. It was never removed, even though he was treated for it after being arrested. This could be crucial evidence of the FBI cover-up.

Bundy has maintained that he does not give permission to State or Federal authorities to remove the evidence from his arm. He has said that he is willing to have it removed, however, he has certain conditions under which he will agree, including having an independent forensic analysis done. The Federal authorities refuse these terms.

Therefore the bullet remains in Ryan Bundy.

This has caused some worrisome days for the FBI, as this bullet could be the evidence that proves the case for these political prisoners. They have been incarcerated for over 6 months for staging a political protest, and bringing the government over reach to the limelight of the country. They are scheduled for trial on September 7, 2016.

Early last week, Ryan was taken to a hearing in which the government attempted to convince Bundy to allow them to remove the evidence from his arm. He reiterated his terms for removal and the government, again, denied those terms. They do not want anyone other than themselves to retain, and analyze, the evidence against them.

Bundy was returned to his cell at Multnomah County Jail.

This past Tuesday, August 9th, Ryan Bundy was awakened early by several guards. He was told to get up, as he had “an appointment.” Bundy did not refuse to go, however, he did ask them where he was going. This question was deemed inappropriate and considered to be “refusing” to follow the guards orders.

By just asking a question.

They proceeded to manhandle him out of his cell. When they got to the stairway, one guard, Sgt. Curtis E. Sanders, actually attempted to push Ryan down the stairs. He was severely hurt, with his wrist dislocated, his thumb either broken or dislocated, knee trouble, and head injuries.

Yes, this happened and it is under an official investigation. The guards have not been relieved of their duties. They have not been placed on administrative leave, or any other status. But, it is claimed that there is an ‘Official’ investigation into how Ryan Bundy received such severe injuries.

Bundy was taken to the courthouse that day and made to sit for hours. He had no hearing or conference scheduled or completed. There were suspicions that he would be taken to a hospital to have the bullet evidence forcibly removed from his arm, but that did not happen. The evidence remains within his arm.

While he was away from the jail, all of his belongings, including his trial preparation documents were thrown into garbage bags and removed from his cell.

After he was returned to the jail, Bundy was given an internal “hearing” for his bad behavior in asking where he was being taken. This “hearing” was conducted by internal employees, not an official judge. He was not allowed to defend himself, he was barely allowed to speak. All evidence was presented by the guards involved in the assault on him.

It was determined that he was guilty of disruptive behavior and has been sentenced to solitary confinement until September 17th, weeks after the trial is scheduled to begin.

This should be considered cruel and unusual punishment, as he has been severely limited in his abilities to prepare for trial, as well as his current physical health due to the assault by the guards. How does a citizen of the USA defend his freedom under these circumstances?

But is this is business as usual in the Multnomah County Jail? Is it becoming commonplace for inmates to die in Multnomah, as there have been at least 2 deaths since the first of the year?

More recently, a video surfaced of a man as he was released from Multnomah He described abuses that took place in the jail. Richard Eldridge was incarcerated on charges of ‘Failing to properly use 911’, then he was later released with no charges. He showed evidence of abuse during his time within Multnomah. A very telling video describing Constitutional violations that are normal in this country.

And yet, some still wonder why the Bundy’s, and others, are still trying to highlight these abuses to the citizens. They won’t wonder if they ever end up on the receiving end of this uncontrollable government injustice.


What “tactics” didn’t you agree with exactly? Here are the FACTS: The group that occupied Malheur Wildlife Refuge did nothing more than engage in a political protest, so unless you object to the First Amendment, or you object to the Right to Bear Arms, then whatever “tactics” you think they used were a distortion of the truth supplied to you by the mainstream media.

The group occupied the refuge, and their occupation included being armed for self-defense purposes only, NOT for preemptive strikes, a point that was made VERY clear to Sheriff Ward over and over. In other words, the men and women protesting were exercising their rights protected under the Second Amendment to protect their rights, which are to be protected under the First Amendment! To sum up the first thing we can do, start by GETTING THE NARRATIVE CORRECT, and then SPREAD the TRUTH to those still being manipulated by the lies.


Obviously this won’t be possible for everyone, but if you are within a reasonable distance, start showing up. The group currently being held as political prisoners showed up for you when it counted, and look what it got them! It’s time we return the favor if we have the means to. and that means showing up at the prisons to visit, at local rallies, or even in the courtrooms.


As I said already, It’s time to stop making excuses. It’s time we either step up for liberty when it matters most, when it’s under attack, or we demonstrate to the world that we were never FOR liberty to begin with. The group being held as prisoners put their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor on the line for you, so even those folks out here living through tough times should be able to spare a few dollars to ease the suffering of those held captive, and the suffering of their loves ones.

For more information on how to give please visit: http://freethepatriots.com where you can find 

Article posted with permission from The Last Great Stand

The Washington Standard

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