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Over 10,000 Attend another MASSIVE Demo against Muslim Migrant Invasion in Europe

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Another massive rally against the Muslim invasion of Europe. The anti-islamization movement is growing every day. It is the rational response to Chancellor Merkel’s vow to take in one million Muslim migrants in Germany alone.

This is Europe’s version of the Tea Party.

The only mainstream media report I could find was in Japan Times. The coverage is notoriously biased – which we have come to expect. But there is nothing ‘far right’ about this movement.  This is a “we the people’ movement. Anyone with half a mind would oppose the destruction of their countries, economies, way of life and most of all their freedom.

Two days ago, there were huge protests against the migrant invasion of Europe.

On September 30, there was a media blackout on massive protest this invasion of Europe

September 15, there were massive anti-islamization demos in Eastern Europe






“Dresden rally against refugee influx draws thousands of far-right protesters,” Japan Times:

BERLIN – Thousands of far-right protesters, many wearing T-shirts that read “refugees not welcome,” gathered in Germany Monday to condemn the government for allowing an unprecedented migrant influx.

With Europe’s biggest economy expecting to take in up to 1 million people fleeing war and poverty this year, anger has flared among anti-foreigner groups and backers of the anti-Islamic Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the Occident (PEGIDA).

“Merkel is guilty, commits ethnocide against the German people,” read one banner at the rally in Dresden, the historic city in the former communist East where PEGIDA emerged about a year ago and is now hoping to rekindle the movement.

At their peak the xenophobic rallies attracted 25,000, but they fizzled early this year after PEGIDA’s co-founder, Lutz Bachmann, 42, sparked public uproar with Facebook selfies showing him sporting a Hitler mustache and hair-do.

But a week ago, attendance again swelled to nearly 10,000 according to German media reports. The police no longer provide crowd estimates.

Bachmann — who was charged last week with inciting racial hatred by labeling asylum-seekers “animals,” “trash” and “filthy rabble” — was expected to again address the demonstration on Monday night.

As the crowd swelled to several thousand people, about three-quarters of them men and many waving Germany’s national flag, police in about 10 vans looked on.

A week ago PEGIDA supporters, who often condemn what they call the “liar press” assaulted a journalist.

Supporters on Monday again yelled “we are the people,” co-opting the slogan used by the pro-democracy protesters whose demonstrations a quarter-century ago preceded the fall of the Berlin Wall.

“I’m not a right-winger, but I’m scared,” said Frank, 59, one of the few protesters who agreed to speak to AFP, on condition he not be fully named.

“I think of my children and grandchildren,” he said, voicing fears about the “Islamization” of his country. “We fought for our freedom 25 years ago, we have to demonstrate again.

“I am OK with welcoming sick and wounded refugees, but in the TV images we can see young men. Those are economic refugees,” he added.

Uwe Friedrich, 46, said he had been with PEGIDA since the start, and wanted Muslims to leave the country. He was waving a sign that read: “We have a right to our German homeland and German culture.

Another placard quoted Hungary’s hard-line Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who recently described the refugee influx as “a German problem” — with the placard adding the question “where are the life rafts for our children?”

Another, more ominous sign read: “Resistance has become a duty against our country’s destruction by Merkel & Co.


Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

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