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Pelosi Says She Wants Gun-Control For the Children

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It is no surprise that the left is trying to get as many of their policies in place that they can. It is not only expedient, it is also practical. There is a chance that they will not have an opportunity come November. But, the thing that they wish to get done will break their oath. Or will it?

It seems that Nancy Pelosi has forgotten the oath she has taken. She does not seem to know what she is to uphold and protect. Or maybe she is hoping that we forgot.

Breitbart reports:

During attempts to shame House Republican leadership into allowing a vote on more gun control, Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi asked on Wednesday how the GOP could ignore laws that could “save 90 lives.”

Also on the 14th, Pelosi tweeted a video that showed her speaking on the House floor, asking the GOP to allow a “gun vote” for the sake of the “children.”

She said:

Whose political survival is more important than the lives of these children, of those people in church, of those young people out on a Saturday night, people who go to the movies? Whose political survival is more important than protecting the American people? That’s the oath we take, “to protect and defend,” whether it’s the Constitution, whether it’s protecting our country, national security, our neighborhood security, our personal security.

But, that is not the oath that she has taken. She has sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution, not anything else. It is the Constitution that is to do all the other things she has listed.  If she would do that, the rest would take care of itself; it is the way our country was designed to work.

And if the law is passed, she will be breaking her actual oath. Not because she is concerned about her or our neighbor. No, the last thing that Pelosi cares about is your security.

She wants your rights. She thinks that your rights come at the behest of her and people like her. She thinks that you are a fool and that you believe that she wants what’s best for you. Maybe she even believes that is true. But instead of you taking care of yourself and your safety, she wants you to rely on the nanny state to provide for you the things you need.

No, thanks. A free society does not need such protection; we can defend ourselves thanks.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com

The Washington Standard

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