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Pentagon Provides Bart Simpson Defense for Downed Russian Airliner

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“I didn’t do it, nobody saw me do it, you can’t prove a thing.”

Cartoon character Bart Simpson

The Pentagon – which is run by whichever administration happens to be in power in the White House, in case you didn’t know – says it is certain the Russian airliner that exploded over Egypt last Saturday was not shot down.

Isn’t that reassuring?

Yeah! According to the Associated Press, “a U.S. defense official” with access to the latest intelligence report on the crash relayed this information to the press early yesterday.

Anyone wonder where that intelligence report on the crash might have originated?

Despite Russia’s Interstate Aviation Committee chief Viktor Sorochenko’s statement that “The disintegration happened in the air and the fragments are strewn over a large area,” which tends to suggest a midair explosion of some sort, the Pentagon is sticking by its “certainty” that this was not the case.

The official confirmed that an explosion took place, which was picked up by U.S. intelligence satellites which detect heat signatures and explosions around the world.

Fox News

 Pentagon Provides Bart Simpson Defense for Downed Russian Airliner

Remnants of Russian flight, Metrojet KGL9268

I guess that is supposed to be both a handy explanation and a handy excuse for how the U.S. intelligence community – which is also run by whichever administration happens to be in power in the White House – was so “on top” of the situation so very very quickly.

In reality, the Pentagon’s vociferous insistence that Russian flight KGL9268 was not shot down is eerily reminiscent of the quote “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” from the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. It has become a figure of speech referencing furtive attempts of the guilty to defray guilt or blame which, in the scene from the play, Lady Macbeth is doing.

While some prefer Bart Simpson to Lady Macbeth, they were both saying sort of the same thing…

But who are you gonna believe – our government or those Russians?

Wow. That is a toughie…

I mean, why would anyone suspect that the U.S. (Barack Hussein Obama or his surrogates) had anything to do with that Airbus 321 going down and killing all 224 people on board just because the Obama administration funded, trained, and equipped jihadis in the region for the last five years at least – jihadis whose efforts are being majorly thwarted by Russian military intervention?

You be the judge…

*Article by Erik Rush

The Washington Standard

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