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Pentagon Warns US Military Is Not Prepared to Fight Russia

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Over the past two years, the belligerence between Russia and NATO has grown to alarming levels. Between the Western backed color revolution in Ukraine, Russian aircraft violating NATO airspace, sanctions, and the provocative training exercises that both sides have been conducted on a routine basis, it’s abundantly clear that these nations are seriously considering the possibility of war. But if such a war comes to pass, will the US Military be up to the task of fighting the Russians?

The Pentagon doesn’t seem to think so. Earlier this week, two officials from the Department of Defense approached The Daily Beast, and revealed the troubling results of several recent military wargames. 15 years of fighting terrorists and insurgents has left our military ill-equipped to sustain a prolonged conflict with Russia.

Chief among their concerns, was the short supply of precision guided missiles available to NATO, and that “Russia’s blend of special forces, local proxies, weaponized propaganda, cyber espionage, and sneak attacks has many in the U.S. military struggling to figure out how to respond.”

However, the Pentagon’s dire assessment may be less of a warning, and more of a desperate plea to stop cutting their budget, which is what White House insider Lawrence Cobb believes. He noted that we spend ten times as much money on our military as the Russians spend on theirs, and that “We’d clean their clocks. Russian troops are not that good. They are not as modern.”

While I doubt a war with Russia would go so smoothly, the military-industrial complex would probably do anything to keep the tax dollars flowing.

Article by Joshua Krause

The Washington Standard

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