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The People of Alabama Rally to the Interposition of a Lesser Magistrate

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In opposing the lawlessness of the federal judiciary’s unconstitutional and tyrannical decree handed down in the Obergefell opinion in June of 2015, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has provoked the ire of both the homosexual lobby and their allies within the state’s Court of the Judiciary, a group consisting of mostly non-elected lawyers. He has been suspended from his duties and faces possible removal from office.

He is being attacked specifically for his acts of interposition regarding homosexual “marriage.”

Meanwhile, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley and Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange are playing the common song of most lesser magistrates, namely, “the federal courts have ruled – all we can do is obey.” Such talk is a fiction which cowardly magistrates hide behind.

Understand, the higher tyrant authority committed to unjust or immoral law will always demonize, marginalize, undermine, and criminalize any lesser magistrate who takes a stand to oppose their bad law.  Meanwhile, the vast majority of lesser magistrates will compromise moral character in order to avoid conflict, thinking mostly of their own self interests. They will not defy the higher magistrate. Some may make a squabble, but will conform once the federal courts rule against them.

When that rare magistrate takes a stand, not only will the higher authority attack the lesser magistrate who resists, but other self-serving lesser magistrates will also attack such a magistrate.

Judge Moore is that rare magistrate who has done exactly that – he has interposed against the lawless actions of the Supreme Court. And now he is under attack.

Friends, it is of the utmost importance that WE THE PEOPLE rally to this lesser magistrate!

The role and duty of the people is to rally around the magistrate who interposes. We must not leave Judge Moore hanging in the wind – just hoping all turns out OK for him. Rather, we must make our support for him and his actions known – and this must be done publicly. To learn the facts about this matter and what you can do on behalf of Judge Moore, go to the website: UpholdTheLawAlabama.com

The myriad of immoral rulings made by the U.S. Supreme Court, including legalizing the killing of the preborn and decriminalizing sodomy – and now the so-called legalization of homosexual marriage – are attacks upon the rule of law in our nation. To think that we should just stand by while innocent babies die or submit to our children being taught that sodomy is moral, under the guise of “we must respect the rule of law” while such deeds are being done – actually stands the rule of law on its head. We have no reason or obligation to obey the Court when they redefine the rule of law contrary to divine law and create law which is antithetical to the justice God has declared to apply to all men. Rather, men have a duty to resist and oppose unjust or immoral law or court opinions.

Contact the Chief Judge of the Court of the Judiciary – Judge J. Michael Joiner (334-229-0751) and tell him to dismiss these ridiculous charges against Judge Moore.

Contact Governor Bentley (334-242-7100) and Attorney General Luther Strange (334-242-7300) and tell them to stand with Judge Moore and oppose the federal tyranny of Obergefell.

Click here to read a short article that explains why what Judge Moore has done is right.

Click here to read a news article about the attack on Judge Moore.

Article posted with permission from LesserMagistrate.com. Article by Matt Trewhella.

The Washington Standard

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