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Pew Research: 88% Of Congress Claims To Be Christian – Appears They Are Only Giving Lip Service

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There is a new Pew Research analysis out about Congress, not that this “analysis” is accurate, revealing that 88% of Congress “are Christians”, which prompted Pew Research to claim that “Christians are overrepresented in Congress”.

The Washington Times reported:

A new Pew Research Center analysis reveals that 88 percent of the members of the 116th Congress are Christian. This finding prompted the pollster to declare that “Christians are overrepresented in Congress.” But let us examine the numbers. Of that 88 percent, 55 percent of the lawmakers are Protestant, 30 percent Catholic, 13 percent Baptist, 8 percent Methodist, and 5 percent each say they are Episcopalian, Presbyterian or Lutheran.

The analysis is based on CQ Roll Call data, which tallied the religious affiliations of the lawmakers through questionnaires or phone interviews.

“In the 116th Congress, just two of the 253 GOP members do not identify as Christian: Reps. Lee Zeldin of New York and David Kustoff of Tennessee are Jewish,” the analysis says.

“By contrast, 61 of the 281 Democrats do not identify as Christian. More than half of the 61 are Jewish (32), and 18 decline to specify a religious affiliation. Congressional Democrats also include Hindus (3), Muslims (3), Buddhists (2), Unitarian Universalists (2) and one religiously unaffiliated member.”

Then there are the new folks.

“The new, 116th Congress has the largest freshman class since 2011 — 97 new members join 437 incumbents. Of the new members, fully 81 percent identify as Christians. While this is lower than the Christian share of incumbents, it is still higher than the share of U.S. adults who are Christian (71 percent),” the Pew Research analysis said.

While someone may proclaim to be Christian, actions, not words, identify an individual as Christian.  There is no way those in Congress claiming to be Christians actually are.  First, these individuals do not follow the counsel of God, much less the teachings of Jesus Christ, who came to fulfill the law and provide salvation for sinners through God’s Grace.  While the analysis claims that Christians are overrepresented, the self-proclaimed Christians in Congress are “Christians by lip service only” and are more anti-Christian as seen by their actions.  Remember, despite some Congressmen’s proclamation of Christianity, Christians, by far, can make or break a candidate;  therefore, it is better for them to profess to be Christian for the votes than proclaim they give “lip service” to Christianity.

To begin with, congressional members who claim to be Christian violate God’s commandments contained in Exodus 20, verses 2 – 17, New King James Version.

Each violates the first commandment by placing everything before God and bowing to it as a god instead of the Lord.  Money, power, government, and the all-encompassing bureaucracy are the altars upon which they worship in violation of God’s first commandment.  These individuals support the murder of defenseless, innocent human babies in the womb against God’s commandment “You shall not murder.”  Many of these individuals support and prop-up the IRS and tax code, civil asset forfeiture without due process, and confiscation of actual property without due process – all against the commandment “You shall not steal.”

Are we to render taxes where taxes are due?  Yes.  However, the Constitution provided the funding of government to be taxes on imports into the republic, and then partition the States for money when experiencing a shortfall to fund its limited authorities.  Not content with having limited authority plus needing money to fund their unconstitutional spending with emergent of progressives gaining power, Congress wrote an amendment to tax income, which the States ratified.  As a point of fact, there is some argument that the Sixteenth Amendment was not actually ratified (supposition suggests the Secretary of State fudged the number to ratify it) and the definition of income does not include wages earned in exchange for work performed.  This is where the term “legalized theft” is coined; it allowed government to take from those who have to spend unconstitutionally on the welfare/warfare state, with the States approval.  But, I digress.

Because of their worship of government, money, power, and all-encompassing bureaucracy, these individuals lie about themselves, each other, the president and the American people violating God’s commandment “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”  Though God commands you to refrain from covetousness, these people covet everything their fellow Americans have, which leads them to contrive and conspire ways to take more through whatever means necessary – usually through force.  Socialism is their goal, with expansion of the police/surveillance state, government controlled economy, and ownership of the people through manipulation, coercion and force.  None of these things is compatible with Christianity, so why do they support and push hard for it?  Simple, they are not truly Christian.  Basically, they operate out of any kind of moral principle, compass or value.

Because these individuals do not operate upon the basic principles of morality, commanded by God, they mock God and commit blasphemy when calling upon God to justify their immorality to the people.  Think Nancy Pelosi and illegal alien invasion, the building of the border wall, right to free speech and practice of religion, right to keep and bear arms, and government invention of “rights”.  Rights are given by God to the individual, which are inalienable, preceded government and are to remain unregulated by government.  To even suggest that government is the arbiter of rights is saying government is God or a higher authority than God – blasphemy!  Government is instituted among men to safeguard the rights God has given man.

With God’s bestowments of rights come responsibilities.  For example, free speech does not give one permission or approval to defame someone’s character, commit slander, commit libel, threaten someone, or engage in speech that results in physical, emotional or mental trauma.  And, freedom does not mean freedom to do what one wants, but freedom to do what is within the law, beginning with God’s law.  But, the legislative body refuses to punish its own members for disorderly behavior (Article I, Section 5, 2nd paragraph), such as newly elected Representative Rashida Tlaib calling President Trump a “motherf*****” and the members of Congress who are drafting Articles of Impeachment against Trump using false, contrived crimes and misdemeanors.

Romans 13, verses 8 – 10 tell us to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Loving one’s neighbor means doing no harm to that neighbor;  “therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.”  Does anyone see these Christians in lip service only loving their neighbor (fellow citizens of the united States)?  Hardly.  The individuals that should be the ministers to good works and a terror to evil are actually the terror to good works and the ministers to evil.  This is self-explanatory;  but, if examples are needed, look to the news headlines to find them.

When it comes to congressional authority and/or government authority, it is supposed to be held in check by the Constitution for the united States of America and the laws of God.  Unfortunately, these Christians in lip service only continually violate God’s laws and the limits set upon it in the Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land.  And, they operate with impunity because of false teachers like Dr. Richard W. Willis of Atlanta’s Friendship Baptist Church who accept and permeate anti-Christian rhetoric within the church by supporting violators of the law – God’s and the Constitution.

Those in Congress who were actually Christians upon first serving in public office have been corrupted by the incessant, unbridled, overwhelming evil that permeates the halls of the capitol building.  These individuals that have been led astray by evil should reacquaint themselves with the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 7.

Before any accusations fly regarding Matthew 7, verses 1 – 2, “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.”   Judging righteously is encouraged (John 7:24).  Those in Congress, claiming to be Christian, are having their actions compared to God’s counsel and the teachings of Jesus Christ.  God has established the standard by which we all should live and by which we will be judged.  Moreover, we will be known by our fruit (Luke 6, 43 – 45, NKJV).  What “good” fruit is coming out of Washington, DC, these days?  It is filled with usurpers of power and authority, who are driven and fueled by greed, worship at the altar of money, power and bureaucracy, and ignore the laws of God and man.

This is nothing new for those who are awake.  But, for those who remain in slumber and/or led by false teachers, they will cut their own throat, advocating for “equality”, believing an analysis based on “lip service” instead of comparing the actions of Congress to God’s word.

According to God’s Word and the teachings of Jesus Christ, these people are no more Christian than a cockroach.  Moreover, they cause many to be offended by Jesus.  This is not Christian;  it is evil.  Therefore, Christians are underrepresented in Congress.  Being a Christian by lip service only does not qualify one as Christian.  So, it is time for Christians to ditch false teachers, don the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6, verses 10 – 18, NKJV), come out from the caves, holding heads high, and peacefully confront, directly, those who violate the laws of God and man, regardless of political affiliation.  To remain silent means to disobey God and obey tyrants.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Suzanne Hamner.

The Washington Standard

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