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PICTURED: Police ID Suspect In Dallas Sniper Shooting – Reports of Possible Explosive (Updated)

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UPDATE: The Blaze is now reporting that Mark Hughes was misidentified by police and is no longer a suspect, but was a law abiding, open carry citizen.

After police misidentified a black man legally carrying a rifle as a suspect in the Thursday night Dallas shooting, the individual is asking for an apology from police.

Hughes told reporters that when he realized he was wanted as a suspect he “flagged down” a police officer and turned himself in and surrendered his firearm. He was later released.

“We asked them, we said, you know what, now that you all have my face on national news, are y’all gonna come out and say that this young man had nothing to do with it?” he said.

Hughes said that he and his brother, Cory Hughes who came to his defense on television, have received “thousands” of death threats.

“I feel that they need to do something about that,” Hughes said.

UPDATE: The person of interest pictured below has reportedly turned himself in to police, suggesting he was not involved in the shooting and was part of the protest crowd.

Dallas Police are looking for information about the man pictured below as a person of interest in the downtown shooting

The man appears to be legally open-carrying a firearm.

CNN reports that the individuals involved in the shooting may have also planted an explosive.


Another man was taken into custody but protesters say he had nothing to do with the shooting.

Watch Raw Footage From The Shootout

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