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Pokanoket Nation Sets Up Camp At Brown University – Claims Land Was Stolen

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There are times when one stumbles across a news story that showcases the hypocrisy of the left so thoroughly it washes away their accusations against those standing in support of the Constitution.

While scanning channels last night, a story on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” captured my attention prompting a bit of research this morning.

It seems that Brown University located in Bristol, Rhode Island, has found itself the center of accusations of “stealing” Native American land, particularly from the Pokanoket Nation.

The Brown University campus is now the site of occupation by members of the Pokanoket Nation, which began approximately a week ago, in an attempt to have their illegally taken land returned.

According to NBC affiliate Channel 4:

Dozens of people, including members of a Native American tribe and their supporters, have set up an encampment on Brown University land, saying the land was illegally taken from them hundreds of years ago.

The Pokanoket Nation says the long-term encampment, started Sunday, is aimed at reclaiming its ancestral home in Bristol, which contains spiritually important sites. The Ivy League university says the land was donated decades ago and it has owned the legal title for more than 60 years.

Winds of Thunder, the tribe’s sagamore, or chief of chiefs, called the land its “spiritual high grounds” and said it wants the land back because it was its principal village.

The tribe is not federally recognized, but its members say they are descended from the tribe that helped the pilgrims and its leader, Massasoit, as well as from his son, King Philip, who was killed on the land during King Philip’s War, the bloody conflict between tribes and European settlers.

Members of the Pokanoket Nation stated they are engaging in peaceful protest on desecrated land, claiming Brown University lacks a valid deed to the property.

In fact, the representative for the Pokanoket Nation interviewed by Tucker Carlson claimed research indicated there were no documents indicating that Brown University had a clear claim to their ancestral lands.

Brown responded via letter to the Pokanoket Nation’s notification of their intention to reclaim their land.

According to The Providence Journal, “The Pokanoket Tribe says a letter last week from the steering committee of Brown University’s Native American and Indigenous Studies Initiative included ‘nonsense’ and ‘mistruths and misinformation regarding the Council of Seven Royal House/Pokanoket Tribe/Pokanoket nation’.”

In a letter to the Brown community on Thursday, the committee said that “while there is a long history of erasure and forced assimilation of Native peoples in the Northeast, meaning many tribal communities have been written out of history, the Pokanoket Tribe is not recognized by the federal government or the state, and more importantly is not recognized by the other federally recognized Wampanoag communities.”

[So, Brown wants to stand on “erased” history and negate the claims the Pokanoket became folded into the community known as the Wampanoag. And, it benefits the federal and state government to decrease the number of various Native American tribes for financial reasons.]

That drew an angry response from the Pokanokets.

“The Pokanoket Tribe, which was the headship tribe of the largest Indian Nation in Colonial times, is appalled with the release of this nonsense,” the tribe’s statement said Friday.

Brown asserts that it legally owns about 375 acres of land overlooking Mount Hope Bay in Bristol, saying it was “donated in parcels over time to the University by the Haffenreffer family beginning in the 1950s,” and that “Brown has maintained clear legal title for more than 60 years.”

“The colonial government had outlawed the word Pokanoket during the King Philip War,” said the tribe’s statement, signed by the sagamore.

The statement said native men were killed by Colonists if they said they were Pokanoket.

“It was at this time (1675-1676) that Pokanoket became known as Wampanoag,” the statement said.

Neesu Wushuwunoag, director general of the Federation of Aboriginal Nationals of America, said Saturday that the federation stands in solidarity with the Pokanoket Nation, and that about 40 to 60 Pokanokets and supporters remain encamped in Bristol.

The various statements issued by Brown University can be read here and here.

Brown claims in a statement issued on Sunday “it upholds the right of people to assemble peaceably ‘provided that their actions do not infringe upon the rights of others’.”

“The sagamore said the tribe had reached out to Brown over the years about the significance of the land and its ownership claim but the university had recently become unresponsive.”

In the liberal, left, progressive land of snowflakes that accuse whites of “white privilege,” suggest one check their “white privilege,” and recognize the oppression of minorities that comes from “white privilege,” it appears that wealthy ($3 billion in assets) Brown University is not willing to “discard” their “white privilege” to return ancestral sacred land to the Pokanoket Nation.

The argument of these liberal nests of indoctrination to others accused of “white privilege” and oppressing others because of it negates the question of legality.

In other words, it matters not if one, who is white, legally attained something or worked hard to receive something, that person should “step aside” and relinquish what was legally attained to give it to an oppressed minority.

So, why is Brown University not willing to stand by the liberal, leftist, progressive, communist/socialist/Marxist ideology and practice what is recommended to others?

It is because the rhetoric of “white privilege” is a lie.

Moreover, it follows the philosophies “what applies to thee does not to me” and “do as we say and not as we do.”

While the Northern States peer down their nose at the Southern States because of the issue of slavery, these “states” forget they were not innocent in the practice since they too held slaves and were engaged in importing slaves.

After the War to Enslave the States, history became white-washed of Northern transgressions, placing much of the blame upon the Southern States.

However, one part of history that cannot be negated is the treatment of the Native American population by European colonists who claimed territory in the “new world.”

The “taking” of land from Native American populations continued after the establishment of the republic of the united States, resulting in numerous tragedies.

Somehow, though, no one wants to talk about that.

When it does come up, some argument about “legality” ensues.

Well, slavery was “legal” at one time too.

Are we witnessing the left wing nuts’ unwillingness to take responsibility for their part in “oppression” toward Native American populations?

The self-righteous, pious left appears to want to “ignore” or deny a portion of history that could prove the university may not have a clear claim to the land.

After all, it is possible that the family who donated the land did not have a clear claim to it.

There is no joy in rubbing someone’s nose in his or her hypocrisy.  Wait.  Yes, there is.

It goes to show that those who are spouting this ridiculousness do not actually believe it since they are not willing to practice it.

The accusations of “white privilege” are foolish, ridiculous and nonsensical; but, the left uses it to silence constitutional, conservative, Christian viewpoints and opinions.

This entire situation with Brown University goes to prove their arguments are camel dung and the rhetoric as empty as that lump that sits three feet above the backside.


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