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Police Shootings & the Theory of Evolution

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On Saturday, June thirteenth, in Atlanta Georgia, there was yet another instance of an African American man being shot by a white police officer. This resulted in rioters blocking interstates and burning down the Wendy’s where the incident occurred. The mayor demanded the resignation of the police chief and the officer involved was fired. What happened? While attempting to place the suspect under arrest, he fought back, stole, and attempted to shoot the officer with his taser. The officer, at this point, fired a shot in self-defense killing the suspect. The media attempts to portray these situations as being the result of an institutionally racist policing system. Even though FBI statistics show more white people being shot by police, they drive the narrative home that African Americans are more likely to be targeted by racist police simply because they are black. There are numerous studies that argue both sides of this issue. Those that show this to be the case and those that refute the claim; however, there are some interesting points to consider. If the police are racist, where does the racism originate? Is it part of the officer’s personality and personal bias or, is it something else?

For decades, our public schools have been teaching the theory of evolution as the story of man’s origins while moving further away from religion. This is significant because Darwin’s theory played an important role in the development of Marx’s system of communism. In fact, according to the article “The Darwinian Foundations of Communism,” Stalin, Lenin and Marx all subscribed to the story of Genesis as man’s origins until exposed to Darwin’s “Origin of Species.” Marx adopted Darwin’s theory as the perfect explanation as to why men needed to be ruled by the state because they were soulless animals who could not make rational decisions for themselves. Why is this important? Democrats are largely advocating for a communist system which at the very least, denies the existence of God. The book “Marx and Satan,” goes further and suggests that Marx, once deeply religious, became angry at God and developed his communist system as a means of breaking man’s connection to him. Whether this is the case or not, the moral implication of Darwinism has been the dehumanization of mankind by making his moral significance no greater than any other animal.

What does this have to do with police shooting African Americans? An article entitled “Pulling the Trigger: Dehumanization of African Americans and Police Violence,” by Themal I. Ellawala makes the assumption that black Americans are targeted simply because they have been dehumanized in American culture. The author cites research in the article suggesting that an association between African Americans as being “ape-like” and less than human is automatically made, and this unconscious association justifies the shooting of black males. Considering that Darwin believed evolution had occurred and that there were more highly evolved species of humans in his view, this could offer some reasonable explanation. Considering, of course, that evolution has dominated our public schools and not Genesis, as the story of man’s origins.

“a central plank in Marxist doctrine today. The Nazis were convinced, as are communists today, that evolution had taken place, that all biology had evolved spontaneously upward, and that in-between links (or less evolved types) should be actively eradicated. They believed that natural selection could and should be actively aided, and therefore instituted political measures to eradicate the handicapped, the Jews, and the blacks, whom they considered as ‘underdeveloped’.”

Another interesting point to consider from Ellawala’s article is that police shootings occur in poor neighborhoods. The implication he is making is that people of lower socioeconomic status are also viewed from the “less than human” perspective. Research is cited suggesting that brain activity differs in social interactions when dealing with people of lower social classes. Again, the state of many minority neighborhoods can be tied directly to Democrat policies. Most inner cities are governed by the Democrat left who tend to push for a communist government. It could be argued that this stems from Lyndon Johnson’s great society program which made many single African American families fatherless and dependent on government welfare.

The belief that African’s are inferior to white people can be linked directly to Darwin’s theory of evolution. Francis Galton was a psychologist who was related to Darwin and an advocate of his theories. He believed that African people had no independent will of their own and preferred a life of servitude. This seems to be a prevailing attitude among the Democrats today as they argue that black people need the liberal welfare state to compete in America’s capitalist society. Galton also argued against the idea that men were created equal and suggested that inferior stocks of humans should not be allowed to breed. He is also the one responsible for coining the term eugenics which of course, led to the development of the industry that has ravished the African American community since 1973, abortion.

Truthfully, the theory of evolution has had moral implications for all of mankind. Even white people. The victims of Communist and Nazi genocides in Russia, Germany, China and Cambodia were the result of this dehumanizing worldview which posited the idea that men had no moral significance and were soulless beings that needed to be herded and controlled. The idea that man is an animal has led the study of human behavior to view mankind strictly through a scientific lens that denies the existence of individuality and a human soul. Men’s behavior is thought to be largely motivated not by free choice but animalistic stimulus-response mechanisms. Perhaps the real answer we are seeking is ridding the public-school system of Darwinian education and returning to one based on Christian ethics and the idea that all men were created by God and have free will. Between the Christian and Communist worldviews there is only one that teaches man is an animal and it is not Christianity. Given the research in Ellawala’s article and the reality of Darwinism, it is reasonable to conclude that the high rate of African American’s being killed by police is the result of an evolution-based education. This could be said of all police shootings as all people, not just African American’s, are thought to be nothing more than animals according to the theory of evolution.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

The Washington Standard

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