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Political Islam: A Real Threat To The West

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With the election of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib to Congress and Islamists increasing their political activism by vying for local elected positions, Americans will need to quickly discern the difference between the religious portion of Islam and the political Islam portion present under the umbrella called “Islam”.  Dr. Bill Warner at PoliticalIslam.com has spent over four decades studying Islam in order to simply break down Islam for those who do not know what Islam is or what it concerns.  Dr. Warner explains the totalitarian doctrine of Islam, the goals of Islam, and how to counter Islam.  First, the totalitarian doctrine of Islam or political Islam should be understood in order to connect the goals to the political nature of Islam and engage in countermeasures against political Islam.

Many wonder how the governments of the west came to accept Islam as “peaceful”, “friendly”, and “acceptable”.  Dr. Warner explains the shift in accepting Islam came around the same time as a shift in technology.  With the development of more efficient and powerful boilers for ships occurred around World War I that ran on petroleum instead of coal, Great Britain, long on coal but short on petroleum, cuddled up to Islamic nations that possessed plenty of petroleum.  This began the west’s acceptance of this false religion but mostly political system.  It was all about the oil.

So, what is “political Islam”?  According to Dr. Bill Warner, to define “political Islam”, ask yourself, “does the action of Islam affect me, a non-believer”?  (approximately 3:30 mark in the video)  If it does, that is political Islam.  The example Dr. Warner gave was Islamic prayer in relation to Islamists commandeering streets, in essence, shutting those streets down to everyone in order for Islamists to pray.  While the prayer is a religious action, commandeering the streets is a political action.  Another good example is the freedom of speech.  When Islam restricts speech as it pertains to their false prophet Mohammed – criticism of Mohammed is forbidden – that is a political action controlling speech of everyone else.  Simply put, this is the Sharia law of Islam – the political portion of Islam that affects everyone, not just Islamists.

Frequently, the anti-constitutionalists, feminists, and those who are active in destroying our society join with Islamists to advance their causes.  Why?  Islam is misogynistic, violent, oppressive, and filled with abhorrent practices unconscionable to many.  As Dr. Warner explains, it’s all about victimhood.  Groups of anti-constitutionalists are considered or portrayed as victims and these groups hate oppressors.  Islamists claim victim status as objects of oppression, despite being oppressors.  These groups combine to bring about their version of a utopian ideal of society.  Yet, Islam cannot co-exist with any other society;  it has to be dominant.  In the end, Islamists will overwhelm these anti-constitutionalists in every way possible to the point that only political Islam, Sharia, will dominate society.

In other words, Islamists adopt the victim status of being persecuted, maligned, and targeted by “other than anti-constitutionalists” to coddle the anti-constitutionalists through deception into accepting Islamists as their allies, instead of their enemies.  Because of the lack of education among anti-constitutionalists regarding Islam, these individuals accept what Islamists say, instead of doing their own research into Islam.  Since Islam teaches taqqiya, deception/lying to advance Islam, the anti-constitutionalists accept what is told because of their misconception that one can only learn Islam from an Islamist.

The united States and other nations would do well to learn the following:

The most common assumption about Islam is that it is a religion based on the Koran. However, the religious aspect is only a small part of Islam. It is not possible to know how to pray or do any other practice of the religion with what is found in the Koran.

Allah is found in the Koran and Mohammed is found in two texts, his biography, the Sira, which is a detailed life history and his traditions, or Hadith, are events that occurred in Mohammed’s life. The hadith is usually a few paragraphs long. A collection of his traditions (hadiths) is called the Hadith. So the Sunna is found in the Sira, his biography, and Hadith, his words and deeds.

Over 90 verses of the Koran say that Mohammed is the perfect life pattern for all Muslims. Mohammed is the perfect Muslim and all Muslims are to pattern their life after his. He is the perfect father, husband, judge, leader, warrior, businessman and politician. His life example, what he said or did, is called the Sunna of Mohammed.

Therefore, the totality of Islam is found in three books—Koran, Sira and the Hadith. Most people would be surprised to learn that the amount of words devoted to Mohammed is more than 6 times the size of the Koran, the words of Allah.

Another common assumption is that to know Islam, you must learn about it from a Muslim. This is not so. Islam is Allah and Mohammed. If you read the Koran (and it has now been made understandable) and know Mohammed, you know Islam. It is critical to understand the importance of this. Whatever is in the Koran and in the Sunna, it is Islam. If something is not based on the Koran and the Sunna, no matter who says it, is not Islam. The only Muslim who is an absolute and total authority on Islam is Mohammed. Once you know Mohammed, you know the only Muslim who matters.

This means that only those who know Mohammed and Allah can reason about Islam. A corollary is that you don’t have to be a Muslim to understand Islam. And further, since most Muslims know little about the Koran and the Sunna, their comments about Islam can be personal opinions.

There is nothing positive in the Koran about non-believers.  According to the Koran, Allah hates non-believers (Kafirs) and plots against them.  Everyone who is not an Islamist is a kafir.  This means Christians, Jews, pagans, atheists, agnostics, polytheists, and others.  Some will be surprised to know that more than half of Islamic doctrine addresses the non-believer, not the believer.  Despite being outside the religion of Islam, the non-believer is part of Islamic doctrine.  “This doctrinal relationship is political, not religious or cultural.  Political Islam is defined as the Islamic doctrine of the Kafir;  the largest part of Islam is political.”  All of humanity is affected by political Islam.

In other words, Islam is totalitarian in nature, with a “rule” for every aspect of life.  It is like communism/socialism/Marxism in that respect.  The difference is Islam is the final judge of all religions and is to be the absolute dominant power overall.

Two universal truths exist regarding Islamic doctrine.  First, Islam applies to the most basic details of life;  and, second, every person and all nations must submit to Islamic doctrine.

When it comes to Sharia, Dr. Warner writes, “Since Islam is a complete civilization, it has its own legal system called the Sharia. But Sharia is far more than a legal system of laws. It includes theology, law, philosophy, religious rituals and morals. The Sharia claims to be Allah’s law and must replace all other forms of government.”

According to Dr. Warner:

One of the easiest ways to see the universality of Islamic doctrine is to examine a manual of Sharia law such as The Reliance of the Traveller [sic]. The topics include (but are not limited to) theology, how to pray, funerals, taxes, business law, banking law, wills, marriage, how to be a wife/husband, how to be a mother/father, sex, divorce, criminal law, apostasy, political rule over the Kafir, jihad, the dhimmi, Christians, Jews, punishment, family law, food, ethics, sex, art, dress, use of the bathroom, how to say hello, knock on a door, a structure of government, and on and on. There are few details of life that are not included in Islamic doctrine.

Note that laws pertaining to the Kafirs are included in the Sharia. There is no one who is not included in Islamic doctrine. No one can opt out of the totalitarian Sharia.

Remember, Islam does not co-exist;  it conquers.  The totalitarian history of Islam is outlined by Dr. Warner.

Turkey used to be called Anatolia or Asia Minor and was a Christian civilization. Today Turkey is over 95% Muslim. North Africa, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon used to be Christian. Afghanistan was Buddhist; Pakistan and Malaysia used to be Hindu. Today they are more than 95% Muslim. Islam does not reach a balance point with the native civilization; it dominates and annihilates the indigenous culture over time.

This process of total civilizational domination is the Law of Islamic Saturation. The doctrine calls for jihad to never cease until the native population submits to the Sharia. As time goes on, the Sharia brings about submission to Islam. The doctrine is totalitarian, so the result is totalitarian.

Islam is the most successful totalitarian system in history. There are post-Communist societies and post-Nazi societies but, there are no post-Islamic societies.

It is the law of Islamic saturation that will be the downfall of free societies.  It is already being seen in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Why are western civilizations accepting of Islam, catering to its followers, and engaging in support of Islamists at the expense of citizens?  Simple – it’s called oil and Islamists assist government agendas of globalism.  However, the only globalism Islamists concern themselves with is the globalism of Islam and Sharia.

So, how do western civilizations counter the advance of Islam and Islamists?  First, we start by learning Islam from the sources – the Koran, the Hadiths, and the Sira – not other Islamists.  Second, we learn what Islamic leaders say in English by using MEMRI – Middle East Media Research Institute.  We cannot rely on the word of Islamist apologists.  Getting the word of these leaders straight from the “horse’s mouth” is the only way to know exactly what these leaders are conveying to the followers of Islam.  Third, we need to understand the purpose of the massive Islamic invasion – providing a voting block for “leftists” and anti-constitutionalists and engaging in soft jihad through hijra (migration). Hijra is effective for spreading Islam understanding that jihad is obligatory for all Islamists.  Fourth, Islam has no new ideas.  It is the perpetuation of the 1400-year-old doctrine.

In the next article, the goal of Islam and how it plays into the political goals of our system will be covered.  It is imperative to protect our freedoms, society, and liberties from usurpation by not only Islam, but globalism as well.  To do that, we need to understand the gravity of what is occurring and how Islam is being used to dominate western civilization and culture.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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