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Political Islam: The Threat To The West Part II – Towards Global Government

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In the first article of the series, Political Islam:  The Threat to the West, the term “political Islam” was defined, why Islam affects everyone including non-believers, and how we, in the united States can begin to counter Islam.  Part Two will cover the goal of Islam and how it is used by the globalist to bring about “globalism” or a one world government that consists of unelected bureaucrats who prioritize their own interests or the interests of select groups as a priority while the people are used to support bureaucrats.  It is the ultimate form of tyranny.  But, the tyranny has to be implemented on a global scale.  How better to implement tyranny than use Islam and Islamists to destabilize the society and culture of western civilizations, bring about submission of non-believers to Sharia or accept Sharia as the law, then implement additional “laws” that expound upon Sharia.  In other words, global domination of all nations would occur by unelected bureaucrats that use Islam as a “means to the end”.

Any time a nation has been conquered by an ideology, outside invasive force, or internal movements, the first thing that usually happens is the destruction of that nation’s society, culture, and history.  Islam does not coexist;  it dominates.  Remember, political Islam affects everyone, including the non-believer.  And, Islam does not “build”, it destroys.  Because Islam does not tolerate anything but Islam and Islamists have no loyalty to anyone or anything except Mohammed and their god Allah, Islam is the perfect avenue for globalists to use to advance their tyranny.

The idea of “multiculturalism” invaded the European nations with a vengeance pushed by globalists to destabilize society.  Societies consisting of multiple cultures coexisting without having assimilation into the nation’s societal culture was portrayed as highly desirable while those in opposition were demonized as “xenophobes”, bigots, racists, nationalists, and “supremacists”. And, the best way to destabilize society is massive unfettered, unvetted, importation of individuals possessing a “culture” that is the polar opposite of western civilization.  So, the massive invasion of Islamists bombarded Europe as nations’ leaders and globalists opened their arms to embrace an invasion force.

As Dr. Bill Warner explains:

Europe’s Elite want their citizens to believe open borders and migration from Islamic countries will solve their need for a future workforce due to a shrinking population. I call their bluff. If they need workers, why not get them from the poorer parts of the EU–Romania, Bulgaria, Greece? This isn’t about guest workers. This is about the Left securing a voting block so they can be voted into office in perpetuity.  Islam makes for a perfect partner in their endeavor to achieve political dominance. Both conspire to tear down society and rebuild their utopian ideal. What the Left doesn’t realize is when Islam ultimately takes power, as it tends to do, the last laugh will be on the them, just as it was with the Tudeh Party in Iran. In the end, Islam has no loyalty to Kafirs, only to Allah and Mohammed.

One can interchange “left” with globalists since their goals are the same – a utopian style of society with a central body that “governs” all nations worldwide.  With the veracity of Islam to “demand” special status, embrace victimhood, and destroy societies while installing totalitarianism, it is the perfect “partner in crime” against native populations.  But, the “left” has operated under the false assumptions that Islamists are their friends, Islam is what Islamists say it is, and Islamists can be controlled once the “left” aka globalists attain dominance.  Islamists cannot be controlled.  Islam and Islamists dominate, subjugate, terrorize, and implement tyranny.

The nations of Europe are littered with “Muslim No-Go Zones”, populated with Islam apologists who shame those who speak out against Islam, and government officials who refuse to punish Islamists that commit horrific crimes against the native population. Those speaking out against Islam or who report upon the atrocities committed by Islamists in the name of Islam, such as Tommy Robinson, are targeted for political persecution and sentenced to jail for engaging in the same activities as the lamestream entertainment media.  Individuals, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, are barred from entry into nations that have embraced Islamists.  The governments are forcing Islam down the throats of native populations through intimidation, injustice, and awarding Islamists “special status” to implement globalism.  Globalism benefits government bureaucrats, the wealthy elite, and the world banks;  it doesn’t benefit native populations.

Understanding this push for globalism through the importation of Islamists, one has to understand “hijrah”.  Dr. Bill Warner explains:

Hijra is a form of soft jihad and is quite effective for spreading Islam. Al Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki stated, referring to doctrine: “Jihad today is obligatory on every capable Muslim…it is your duty to find ways to practice it and support it.” He then lists 44 ways to support jihad. In #36 Preparing for Hijrah, al-Awlaki quotes Mohammed: “Hijrah does not stop as long as there is an enemy to fight”.  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Al Qaeda 9/11 mastermind, said, “the practical way to defeat America is through immigration and “outbreeding non-Muslims”.  These jihadists are not creating new ideas. They are repeating 1400 year old doctrine.

The bottom line: Hijra is a tactic to pave the way for Sharia.

Ultimately, the danger of migration is not that there will be too many unemployed workers draining welfare dollars from the state, but it’s that Sharia supremacists will keep Islamicizing the EU.  These guest workers aren’t going home. They have a religious duty to stay and fulfill the doctrine. Their loyalty is to Allah and Mohammed, not to the Kafir countries of the West. History has shown that once a nation is invaded by Islam, it will become 100% Islamic, unless driven out.

Globalists befriend Islamists to “invade” their nations in order to bring about totalitarianism under one world government.  Islamists pretend to befriend globalists to “invade” western nations to bring about Islamic rule under Sharia.  Islam destroys the native culture and history.  Look at ancient historical sites in the Middle Eastern nations controlled by ISIS – those sites were destroyed because those sites were an affront to Islam, their god Allah, and Mohammed.  Nothing coexists with Islam.

Closer to home, the united States has seen extreme anti-constitutionalists push to eradicate American history – calling the founding fathers “terrorists”, advocating for removal of the War of Northern Aggression monuments and statues, lobbying to rename buildings, schools and structures possessing names anti-constitutionalists find “offensive”, pushing God out of the public square, advocating perversions/deviances/sodomite lifestyles as normal, and indoctrinating citizens through brainwashing techniques to reject freedom, liberty and God-given individual unalienable rights.  Getting a society to reject its culture, societal norms, and God opens the door to the rise of globalism and conquest by ideology anathema to the human condition of free will, choice and the ability to self-govern.

Add to this destabilization by native subversives unfettered illegal alien invasion, open borders policies, and government’s embrace of Islamic terrorist front groups – Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, ISNA, and Muslim Student’s Association, it creates a perfect storm of societal breakdown, destruction of cultural norms, and injustice under the law.  Individuals embracing God and Jesus Christ, our Constitution, freedom, patriotism, and way of life, which is a culture of lawfulness, are marginalized, targeted for reprisal, attacked verbally and assaulted, and censored by various entities.  Freedoms and rights are usurped by government while various special interest groups use government to force their ideology upon rejectors.

Now, if you understand political Islam and the hijrah, you can clearly see how it is being used to bring about globalism.  It’s not a new idea;  it’s an old one.  And, it is one used by Hitler to advance his degranged idea of a Third Reich and Jewish hatred.  Even though Hitler didn’t import Islam, he used the ideas of Islam and Sharia, as well as Islam’s hatred of everything not Islamic, to control others.  So, the goal is to combat this wave of destruction of nations, particularly ours, in order to implement globalism and rule by Islam because Islam will not hesitate to overthrow the globalists.

In the first article, the goal was to encourage individuals to rid themselves of their ignorance by educating themselves on Islam through the use of Islam’s own trilogies.  This article addressed the goal of Islam, which is global domination using anyone, anything, everyone and everything, including globalists and nations’ own laws to advance the caliphate.  The next article will deal with actions citizens can and should take to push back against the wave of Islamization and globalism.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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