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Pope Hillary vs Dave Daubenmire

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Old:  Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg castle knowing the Pope would tear it down.

New: Today, Martin Luther would post his 95 Theses on Facebook, knowing the Pope of communications, Mark Zuckerberg, would tear it down.

As the Pope went after Martin Luther and lost, so Zuckerberg is going after We The People, tearing down our articles and posts – and he shall lose.

This is why Sons Of Liberty Media and The Washington Standard are so important.

We have our very own American Martin Luther, Coach Dave Daubenmire, and he has nailed up his “95 Theses” in the New York Chappaqua Parade with our own American Pope, Hillary Clinton.

Coach Dave’s “95 Theses” boils down to one concept: Equal justice for all under the law.

Thou shalt not have one set of laws for Hillary and another unequal set of laws for We the People.

Coach Dave Daubenmire has the Witch of Benghazi on the run, livid she’s spitting mad … oh, I’m sorry, that woman is Bill Clinton’s handler who gets him out of rape cases for biting, beating and raping women.  You know her as Hillary Clinton. *

Coach, being a good American, wanted to meet the old girl.  So – he did.  He organized a First Amendment Educational Outreach to not shake her hand, but shake her up, and he did.  It was a huge success.

Coach used the First Amendment to meet her in her parade, and though it was sunny and cloudless – the old nightmare Billy-Boy-Clinton-rape-enabling Hillary saw dark, ominous storm clouds in the image of the old football coach himself.

Coach has a team assembled and when we add in all the money it takes to do one of these First Amendment Educational Outreaches – so far, I see close to $100,000 our folks have paid out.

This has the old cheated on First Lady (“She’s no lady,” wheezes STD infected Bill Clinton, “that’s my wife.”) frowning.  She’s upset.  Coach just wanted to enjoy a little Americana, meeting the Clintons in their parade, a real parade, so he did.

Hillary is not sending Coach a Kwanza card this year, scratched his name off the “A” list of guests and won’t be sharing tea with Coach soon at her Chappaqua, NY mansion.

The old girl appears to be big, not just in her tent called a dress, but big in ruling the Deep State.  She’s huge in influencing Facebook, Google, Yahoo and the American Communist Party, the Democrats.

However, she can’t control the First Amendment and that’s her weakness.  Vince Foster and Ron Brown may be dead, the Meena Drug Cartel still on the prowl – and the…

OK, OK – you get it.

So, why this article?

Glad you asked: Deep State Masters of the Universe Controlled by Hillary. Consider this just happened.

Normally, for the last 15 months, Facebook blocks me at 30-day blocks. I get out, I post for a day or so – and then 30 more days blocked.

BUT Intel on Facebook – now – within 60 seconds of posting, poof, disappeared, like a magic act in Vegas.  Gone.

I posted these 3 photos of Hillary, FB tore them down in mere seconds.

This may sound trivial, and I understand private ownership and the First Amendment – I have won 6 of 7 First Amendment lawsuits, with 2 wins in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals – I understand they have the legal right to block and censor.

So, due to Hillary and her monstrous regiment of radical kid killers, murder is “legal,” but murder still is unethical and as evil as a mother murdering a 4-year-old child.

Abortion is “legal.”  Sickeningly, it’s immoral and it is murder.  We have “legalized” murder.  Look at the unrest it has caused – it will not end until the murder of kids ends.

Pope Zuckerberg protecting her Popeship, Hillary, causes unrest and it’s immoral.

I also know this is a public forum and we are petitioning the government for a redress of grievances and I do understand why unions and communists go violent when they are not listened to – governments listen to violent people.

All revolutions begin because governments don’t listen.

The Washington Standard, Sons of Liberty Media and USA.LIFE are so important as Facebook continues tearing down these photos as soon as I put them up

*   https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/05/yes-hillary-was-an-enabler-213919

Steve Klein

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