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Does President Trump Need the GOP Establishment?

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Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich (R-GA) was a supporter of President Trump before many others in his party. He’s also sided with the President against the Establishment on several occasions, so it was surprising to hear him say that Trump “needs” the establishment help to succeed.

In a conversation on CBS’ This Morning on Tuesday he explained that without support from moderates like Senator Bob Corker (R-TN), President Trump would have a very difficult time getting his agenda passed.

I think they would be a lot better off to get together for lunch and get over it.

Trump automatically hits back at everything and anybody.

It’s just an instinctive, it goes back to his New York days and seems to be virtually uncontrollable.

And he thought Corker said something that offended him so he hit Corker and Corker, who is now liberated, hit him back.

I think it’s not helpful for the country, it’s not helpful for the Republican party.

But I also think you see Bannon on the right and you see the people, for example, opposing Senator Feinstein on the left and you have this growing factionalization on both sides that I think is sort of the era we’re in right now.

Antifa and all these left-wingers over here and you have right-wingers over here, and none of them are happy with the world as it is so they yell about it.

While I agree with Gingrich that the optics of this internecine fight between Trump and Corker don’t look good, and that it’s not productive… I’m not sure he’s right about Trump needing Corker and company.

As he proved with the debt ceiling hike, President Trump knows that the Democrats in the legislature are united. “Conservative” Democrats almost always vote with liberal Democrats and vice versa.

He also knows that moderate GOP politicians are always looking for an opportunity to look bipartisan, so really all President Trump has to do to get stuff passed is to work with the Democrats.

If you think that this could never happen, I remind you again of the debt ceiling hike.

President Trump has enough planks of his platform that can be molded for Democrat support that he could actually get a lot done by working with them instead of the GOP.

On infrastructure? President Trump’s infrastructure spending plan actually called for MORE spending than the Democrat plan.

This was so embarrassing for the Democrats that they had to match his Trillion Dollar plan!

On healthcare? President Trump has repeatedly praised the Canadian and Australian healthcare, and above all he wants every American to have healthcare coverage.

On taxes? President Trump wants to lower corporate tax rates, but he’s openly talked in the past about raising taxes on the rich… if he gives higher taxes on the wealthy, the Democrats are willing to cut corporate tax rates.

My point isn’t that Trump is liberal, my point is that Trump can get a bunch of his policies done by changing them a bit and working with Democrats to get them passed.

It’s the GOP facing the bigger risks of losing in this fight, and they need to realize it.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Onan Coca.

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