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Professor Sues University for Infringing on His Constitutionally Protected Rights

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Have you ever felt as though there was no use in fighting a rule, even though you thought that the rule was wrong?  The rule might even be one that is unlawful, but it is not worth your time because you felt that the establishment was against you.  Well, this is what the establishment wants us to think.  This way, we will not take the time or go through the trouble to fight.  One professor decided that it was worth his time.

Fox reports:

One of the University of Missouri’s very own legal eagles is suing the school over its policy banning firearms on campus.

Royce de R. Barondes, who has taught business and corporate law at the school in Columbia since 2002, is looking to give his employers a lesson in constitutional law by challenging a policy he said violates his federal and state rights. Barondes, who also teaches a course on firearms law, has “extensive knowledge and training on the lawful use and safe handling of a firearm,” according to his legal case, filed in state court, and believes carrying a firearm helps ensure his safety on the 35,000-student campus.

As I reported yesterday, this ban is the kind of thing that Obama and the hopeful Clinton want to see more of in schools and institutions.  But it is very easy to see that this kind of rule is illegal.  This rule cannot ever supersede the 2nd Amendment.  Besides that, Barondes makes another point of consideration.

Fox continues:

“[The gun ban makes] law-abiders more vulnerable to attack by law-breakers — [and] unlawfully and unconstitutionally violates plaintiff’s individual rights to keep and carry a firearm for self-defense,” reads the lawsuit, filed late last month.

The rule infringes on people’s ability to protect themselves from those who would do them and others harm.  The idea that these rules and laws are going to stop a lawbreaker from breaking the law is simply ludicrous.  There would seem to be no defense for such thinking, but the school tries.

Fox reports:

School spokesman Christian Basi told Fox News on Thursday that the school could not comment on pending litigation, but said the university has taken steps to accommodate gun owners on campus.

“We do have a policy that allows students or guests to store firearms at a secure police facility on campus,” he said, explaining that students who hunt on weekends, as well as gun owners with permits to carry them elsewhere in the state, can store their weapons until they depart campus.

This school of higher learning uses this kind of reasoning?  So if I say that you make me vulnerable, you say you will hold my gun for me?  This is the stupidest thing.  What rules like this have done is make students and staff across the country targets for every nut who wishes to make a name for himself.

Rather than allowing people to defend themselves and those around them, this takes away almost any chance of people actually being protected.  People searching to become famous have taken to attacking schools precisely because they know that they will have several minutes before anyone armed can confront them.  This is worse that a violation of the Constitution—it is virtual murder.

*Article by Michael Ware

The Washington Standard

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