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Psychopolitical Dupes: A Congress Compromised and The Real Russian Collusion

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According to recent reports, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has brought charges against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn for allegedly lying to the FBI concerning Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

It is also expected that Flynn will testify against President Trump, claiming that he was given specific orders to contact the Russians during the campaign. Contacting the Russians during a campaign is hardly an illegal activity.

It has already been proven that Hillary Clinton had paid an oppositional research firm to produce the fake “dossier” that most of this bogus investigation is predicated upon.

Despite this, the left is intent on burying Trump one way or the other and any information they can come up with to feed their rabid dogs is fair game.

Over the past few months, some startling revelations have been made concerning just how corrupt Washington D.C. is. Hillary Clinton not only funded the fake dossier, she was directly involved in selling U.S. uranium reserves to the Russians, while Mueller was head of the FBI no less.

Yet, our noble government continues to allow this sham against a duly elected president to continue unabated.

The reason is becoming increasingly clear as news of sex scandals erupt in the halls of Congress, our government has been compromised. Within the past couple of weeks, several congressman and one senator, both Democrat and Republican have been exposed for sexual harassment and using taxpayer money to silence their victims. Given the fact that Representative John Conyers’ lawyer is threatening to expose more elected officials for the same lewd behavior, there is a high likelihood that the government’s silence against the Clinton/Mueller corruption is due to blackmail. Has our Congress become nothing more than a body of psychopolitical dupes who are being controlled through the use of sex?

The amount of promiscuity which can be induced in mental patients can work definitely to the advantage of the pyschopolitical recruiting agent. The Dupe can thus be induced into many lurid sexual contacts, and these, properly witnessed, can thereafter be used as blackmail material to assist any failure of pain drug hypnosis in causing him to execute orders. Laventri Beria- Textbook of Psychopolitics

The communists were famous for creating controlled opposition groups. Is it so hard to believe that people could be paid to be provocative in order to draw unwanted sexual advances which would later be used to blackmail someone?

The idea that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians is laughable, at best. The Russian influence in our country is certainly real; however, the Russians would be more interested in seeing a far left party come to power as left-wing ideology is more in line with communist objectives. Many people believe that Russia is no longer a communist nation and that they have abandoned their old totalitarian ways with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin wall. This is indicative of the great success of their long term strategy of deception aimed at disarming the west and putting a more friendly face on communism. Through misinformation and outright lies, Russian agents deceived the world into believing that communism was dead and no longer a threat in order to ease fears in the west of any communist conspiracy.

Former KGB agent Anatoly Golitsyn wrote in his book New Lies For Old that communists, in an effort to achieve global communism, were willing to use any deceptive means necessary, even creating the illusion that communism itself was dead. This was called the “Weakness and Evolution Pattern” and it was employed with the intent of understating communist strength and intent.

“The pattern of disinformation used during the implementation of a long-range policy may be called the “weakness and evolution” pattern, or the pattern of “calculated ideological moderation.” Its aim is to calm the fears of the  adversaries of international communism by understating real communist strength and to confound the policies of those adversaries by masking the realities of communist policy.

When following this pattern, therefore, disinformation reflects real or imaginary weaknesses, splits, and crises in the communist world and projects an image of evolution away from an ideological toward a conventional, national system. The intention is that the nations of the noncommunist world, accepting the alleged disunity and evolution of the communist world as genuine, will fail to respond effectively to communist offensive strategy and, in their confusion, will be induced to make practical miscalculations and mistakes in their dealings with the communist world. The major role of disinformation in the weakness and evolution pattern is to conceal and misrepresent the real nature, objectives, tactics, and techniques of communist policy.”  (Golitsyn, New Lies For Old)

Furthermore, in Golitsyn’s book, The Perestroika Deception, it is clear that any meddling in the United States political process was designed to weaken the influence of the political right and ensure that radical left-wing candidates won elections. Particularly, one presidential election in 1992.

“To neutralise the influence of the anti-Communist political right in the American political parties and to create favourable conditions for a victory of the radical left in the 1992 US presidential elections.” Anotoly Golitsyn-The Perestroika Deception

Wouldn’t this mean that the Clintons, whom have already been shown to be corrupt and working with the Russians, were the ones who colluded with them in a presidential campaign?

According to Golitsyn, who was a former KGB agent, the entire objective of the Soviets long term strategy, known as Perestroika, or restructuring, was weakening the United States militarily and politically while eliminating any anti-communist opposition from the conservative right.

Anyone warning of a communist threat was thoroughly ridiculed and discredited as someone standing as an obstacle to world peace.

The United States is presented as a war mongering, imperialistic power whose nations founding was based on racism while the communists, in an effort to hide their past, presented their ideology as one of concern for humanity, fairness and total equality.

This made it nearly impossible for American’s to confidentially identify the threat without fear of humiliation.

The paramount global objective of the strategy of ‘perestroika’ is to weaken and neutralize anti-Communist ideology and the influence of anti-Communists in political life in the United States, Western Europe and elsewhere – presenting them as anachronistic survivors of the Cold War, reactionaries and obstacles to ‘restructuring’ and peace. Anyone who warns about Moscow’s true objectives is automatically branded a ‘Cold Warrior’, even by people who have doubts about Moscow’s motives. Anotoly Golitsyn-The Perestroika Deception

This deceptive strategy goes a long way in describing what has happened in our country.

It is a strategy in full employ as anyone opposing the liberal, Democrat agenda is destroyed, or perhaps lured in unethical behavior in an effort to silence them or get them to go along with their objectives.

Our elected officials sit in silence as a dog and pony show aimed at ousting a legitimately elected president continues and the best anyone can tell, based on recent developments, is that they are afraid their own demons and corruption will be revealed.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

The Washington Standard