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Putin Stockpiles Nukes And Tanks Ahead Of WW3: ‘The Main Target….Is The US’

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Russian president Vladimir Putin is bracing himself and his country for a third world war by stockpiling tanks and nuclear weapons.

Russia has also carried out joint military drills with China, Russia admitted the main target of the joint exercise is the United States.

As tensions around the globe rise to almost intolerable levels, some nations are preparing to take the United State’s place on the top as a military superpower.

The country’s Defence Ministry will prioritize the stockpiling of nukes, tanks, and army hardware until 2027.

But this isn’t the first time Putin has decided to stockpile weapons of mass destruction.

In 2016, the Daily Beast reported that as Barack Obama disarmed the United States’ nuclear weapons, Putin added more.

Russia will also expand, modernize, and upgrade their underground bunkers in preparation for a devastating third world war.

Russia is fortifying the underground facilities for command and control during a nuclear conflict.

One official said the alarming expansion indicates Russia is preparing to break out of current nuclear forces constraints under arms treaties, including the 2010 New START and 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaties. 

Russia has since violated the INF accord by testing an illegal ground-launched cruise missile.

Beijing and Moscow also just completed a week of exercises in preparation for “sudden and provocative attacks” from North Korea and the US. China has forged strong links with Moscow, prompting Beijing to call for a war pact should an all-out clash happen on their doorstep.

“The exercise focused on how to jointly cope with any sudden and provocative attack from ballistic and cruise missiles on the two countries’ territories,” stated the Russian Defense Ministry.

Military experts believe the drills, which finished on Saturday, were carried out in response to escalating tensions over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programmes.

Analyst Song Zhngping said the drills were aimed at provoking the US. “The main target of the joint exercise is the US, which has both ballistic and cruise missiles that could pose a real threat to both Beijing and Moscow,” said Song.

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