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“Radical & Too Extreme!” Say Those Opposed To Real Justice

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I was reading my friend’s article “If We Want To Make America Again, “We the People“ Will Have To Make Corrupt Politicians Fear the Punishment Again, and Soon!” and a comment about the solution being “radical and too extreme” got me thinking. The current response for COVID-19 is very radical and very extreme. It’s so radical and so extreme there is no recorded history of these radical and these extreme measures ever being used by a government, or even being successful at treating a pandemic. Does that not beg the question, if what they are doing is radical and extreme, and uncertain of it being beneficial, why would it be radical or extreme to force the people being radical and extreme to stop causing harm?

They are causing harm, you know. You may not be hurting, but that does not mean we should allow others to be hurt. In my previous article Calling All Cops, And Sheriffs, Deputies, and All People Responsible to Enforce the Law! I mentioned:

“When I was in the military, and went to survival school, I knew what hunger was like. At least the government was teaching me to find my own food. You have no idea what the thought of starvation will do to a people. Right now farmers are killing their animals because the packing plants will not take the animals. If you do not think that will cause a problem, think again. 

The problem with our governor is he really does not understand that besides the people needing a paycheck, the work those people do, actually needs to be done. It does not matter if you have money if there is no food to buy with the money. Our governor is frightening people to the point that they are afraid to do their jobs, their jobs that desperately need to be done.”   

The governor of Minnesota leads me to believe that he really does not comprehend the potential for harm to come from his actions. There are many people in our country whose work may be wanted, but is not necessary for survival. If the governor of Minnesota stopped his illegal shut down and did not do another thing, my life will probably improve. If people who make necessary things like food or toilet paper do not go back to work, all our lives will get worse, not better.

There is plenty of evidence that the COVID-19 numbers are not accurate, but even if they were accurate, it would not change the damage from the governor of Minnesota. Going hungry is harmful. Losing money is harmful. Just because the governor of Minnesota is so frightened that he is making bad decisions, does not excuse him from causing harm. They keep claiming that people will die from COVID-19 if they do not force a lockdown. They refuse to accept that they are causing death from their lockdown. This is delusional denial. They are so obsessed with their fear that they have become more dangerous than what they are afraid of. The people that we elected that are still maintaining healthy mental ability need to remove those people who are not mentally healthy from office.

Food does not just happen. Most of the people in America have been blessed by not having to give much concern to how they get their food. They think they just get it from the store. There is way more to it than that. You need to be responsible and tell the elected officials to stop putting the public in danger by these fear obsessed policies.

I am raising chickens right now. What we raise for eggs did not grow to be capable of producing eggs for at least 6 months, and then they do not produce at the full capacity of a hen. Our meat birds are chicks now and we check them multiple times a day. Even if you do everything right some may die. Sick or well we must care for those animals. You can increase the national debt by 2.2 trillion dollars and those chicks will still die without being cared for. Government policy does not make them grow, being cared for by people who know how to work does. Regardless of COVID-19, care must be given to those chicks.

If you want to eat beef, cattle take even more work. All the flooding we had last year made my pastures a mess. I am fixing drain tile and doing what is necessary to get quality grass to grow so the cattle will have fresh grass to eat as soon as possible. We cut and bail hay in the summer, so the cattle can eat it in the winter. The beef on your plate today took years to produce. The cow that gave birth to the calf that is now your hamburger took even more years to develop before she could give birth to what is now your meal. Years to get the cow, to get the calf, and years to raise the calf so the calf can eventually become your food. Even the big confinement operations need years to produce their animals.

I can only grow so much food. The big confinement operations can only grow so much food. I disagree with their methods and believe what I produce is healthier for me to eat. However, one thing we both need is for you to keep your government out of our way. We have work to do. If you continue in your irresponsibility, and allow these fear obsessed policies, by the people you elect, we will have shortages, regardless of what we do. Yes, it is possible for your government to do damage that cannot be undone. That is why you need to be responsible, and pay attention to what they are doing.

You cannot allow a governor crippled by fear of COVID-19 to destroy the food supply. If the governor started shooting people because he did not want them to die of COVID-19, hopefully, Law Enforcement would realize he is insane, and put him in a psychiatric hospital. Hopefully, the legislature would remove him from office. Why is the governor putting people in danger with his fear-obsessed policies that can put the food supply in danger any different? What the governor is doing is not allowed by the Constitution.

The elected officials and Law Enforcement need to think of something very important. We need people to obey the law. That includes governors. If you send the message that the governor can force fear obsessed policies that can put the food supply in danger, that are not allowed by the constitution, how can we expect the people the governor harms to remain law-abiding? I want everyone to be law-abiding, especially the governor. What happens if we get starving people that start thinking the law has failed them, and they take matters into their own hands? I do not want that. I want people who I voted for to do their job and to protect the public. I know my sheriff and my state representative well. I like them both. They are both good men. It is unfair the situation our governor has put them in. However, as unfair as it is, they need to protect the public. The governor needs to be removed from office for failing to obey the law.

Regardless of how dangerous COVID-19 is or is not, people need to go to work. People will always need food, sick or well. The governor’s reckless attitude, that his unlawful shutdowns harm is of no importance, shows a dangerous disconnection from reality. Our elected officials and Law Enforcement need to stop the governor now. Show you have some sense of self-preservation, and call your elected officials now. Call the governor and ask him to resign now. Tell him to stop causing a Constitutional crisis. Tell him to stop threatening the food supply. Tell him to stop hurting the people of this state.

Call him now!

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

The Washington Standard

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