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Rand Paul Cites Constitution for His Stand on Law & Policy

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Unlike the majority of presidential candidates, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) continues to refer back to the Constitution throughout all of his speeches and interviews, which leads one to wonder, do any of the other candidates know anything about the Constitution that they will swear an oath to protect, defend and preserve?

“If we don’t get back to the Constitution, we are going to bankrupt our country,” Paul said.

Paul is correct in this statement. As a nation, we are spending $1,000,000 a minute on several things that our founding fathers did not intend for civil government to be involved with.

“Article 1, Section 8 lists about 17 enumerated powers, and our government is involved with thousands and thousands of things that they should have never been involved with,” the Kentucky senator said.

Indeed, about 80% of what the government does is not within those enumerated powers given to them by the Constitution, such as schools, healthcare, and redistribution of wealth through welfare just to name a few. Paul goes on to state that a lot of what the federal government is involved with should be left to the states to govern.

Paul then shifted to the rising cost of college and the job market having more and more under paid college graduates stating, “The first thing is that nothing is free. So, if Obama says he is going to give you free education, that just means that someone else is going to pay for your education. You may not see them, but someone has to pay for it.”

He then explained that students should be allowed to deduct not only the interest from their student loans, but also the principle as a business expense. College is a business expense in that the training that is going to help the graduate in his or her business or career. Therefore, he or she should be able to deduct the principle from their profit and not give the student someone else’s money.

Paul shifts the topic again back to the Constitution affirming, “The constitution gave congress the power of the purse. If we don’t like Obamacare, we shouldn’t put any money in there. The problem is Washington has it backwards. They think you need 60 votes to defund something when you actually need 60 to fund anything.”

Republicans have a majority in Congress and should have no problems pushing a bill through.

Paul also stated, “Government was not instituted to protect big business. Government was instituted to protect freedom.”

Referring to the Constitution, Paul went on to state that the Constitution is about restraining the size of government.

James Madison asserted in the Federalist papers what the government’s size should be “few and defined.”

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