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Rand Paul: Why does the Establishment of Both Parties Send Our Money & Arms Overseas to Countries that Laugh in Our Faces?

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Senator Rand Paul may have ended his presidential bid after failing to win the primary in Iowa, but that doesn’t mean that he’s stopped fighting for the American people. Paul is once again standing on principle and fighting back against the cronyism, waste, and corruption in Washington, D.C. This time the issue just so happens to also directly impact the war on terror.

While the establishment of both parties pretend to be doing all they can to “protect” us, the sad truth is that the establishment is making us less safe. For example, the leadership in both parties continues to support sending money and arms to nations that hate us, like Pakistan. Thankfully, we have representatives like Senator Paul who are willing to stand up and say “enough is enough,” not one penny more to Pakistan (or any other terror supporting, Christian persecuting nation).

American tax payers should not be forced to pay for fighter jets for Pakistan. The President intends to spend over $300 million on 8 F-16 fighter jets for Pakistan. I can’t, in good conscience, look away as America crumbles at home and politicians tax us to benefit corrupt and duplicitous regimes…

Why does the establishment, of both parties, continue to send our money overseas to countries that take our money, take our arms and laugh in our faces. We’ve given $15 BILLION to Pakistan over the past decade and yet their previous President admits that Pakistan directly aided and armed the Taliban, that hosted bin Laden. Bin Laden then escaped to Pakistan and lived their unmolested for a decade, within a mile of Pakistan’s military academy. Pakistan to this day is said to look the other way as the terrorists Hakani network, continues to kill Americans…

We are $19 TRILLION in debt. We borrow $ 1 MILLION a minute…

Why is our government spending BILLIONS of dollars to purchase fighter jets for foreigners?

Senator Paul spoke passionately from the Senate floor arguing that we stop wasting taxpayer dollars on the government of Pakistan.

Thank you, Senator Paul, for speaking against the establishment and fighting for the American people.

Article reposted with permission from Eagle Rising. Article by Onan Coca.

The Washington Standard

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