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A Rebuttal to Illegal Alien Invader Esmerelda Tover-Contreras’ Daily Caller Op-Ed

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Editor’s Note: And let’s not even point out the fact that she has an illegitimate child by her fiance who is in the US Army… Stop and let just that little bit of information sink in.

If you haven’t seen it already, The Daily Caller posted an opinion piece by Esmerelda Tovar-Contreras, who is an illegal alien invader brought to the united States by her parents when she was two years old and became a DACA recipient under the unlawful, illegal, unconstitutional executive action by Barak Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah.

She called herself a “conservative Dreamer” that wants to contribute.  However, Ms. Tovar-Contreras should understand a few issues if she is the conservative, Christian she claims to be.

Ms. Tovar-Contreras:

It is out of love for you that the truth is being imparted to you in order that you can correct your wrongs.  You profess to identify as a conservative and a Christian;  yet, your actions do not reflect your words.

First, the former imposter in the White House implemented the DACA program using an unlawful, unconstitutional and illegal executive action.

According to the Constitution for the united States of America, the authority to make law is vested in the Congress, not the president.

The “boy king” engaged in a usurpation, which is not law and should be treated as such.

Therefore, you are the recipient of nothing and remain an illegal alien invader violating constitutionally passed and just immigration law.  You, in essence, are a criminal.

Conservative Christians follow the rule of law – God’s law first, the rule of law by government second.  When the rule of law conflicts with God’s law, God’s law is supreme.  You cannot call yourself a Christian in good conscience knowing you are violating the law.

At the risk of bursting your bubble, Pope Francis knows squat about this republic’s law.

Being pro-life does not mean standing for immigrant families.  It means standing for the right to live.  While you want to put faith in the Pope because he is making a statement supporting your position, the Pope is wrong on the meaning of pro-life.

If you are deported from this republic, you have no danger of losing your right to live. The right to life is inherent – unalienable, God-given.  While you have the right to live, there is no right to live in this republic.  Living in this republic is a privilege the citizens grant to those who wish to come here from another nation or country, live, and assimilate to American culture;  hence, the immigration laws passed and implemented according to constitutional authority and justly enforceable.

Moreover, this particular Pope is the last individual that should speak on the Word of God since this man frequently issues statements in conflict with God’s Word.  But, I digress; back to the topic at hand.

It is no fault of your own that your parents brought you to the US as a young child.  That is on your parents.   However, once you achieved the age of adulthood, you became responsible for your own actions.  You should know that is biblical.

You are not responsible for the actions of your parents.  You are only responsible for your own actions.  When you reached the age of adulthood, you had a choice – go to the immigration office, declare yourself, and apply to stay in this republic or remain a criminal.  You made a bad choice.

That choice has consequences, which you are responsible to receive.

But, you want the good citizens of this republic to give you a “pass.”

Why should you get a pass for knowingly breaking immigration law, repeatedly each day you knew you were in violation?

Excuse me, but the Scripture does not advocate for violating “just” laws nor does the Scripture advocate for repeating the same sin once forgiveness is requested from God and received.

It is by grace that one is forgiven but that grace does not mean you can continue in sin.

Your arrogance in your sin of violating the law does nothing toward receiving forgiveness.

Humble yourself before God, ask his forgiveness, receive it, and go forward to correct your sin.

Regardless of what you may think, the Pope may say, or someone illegally does, you have violated just law and are looking to avoid the consequences of your actions, period.

While citizens of the US may have empathy for your situation, that empathy ended when you reached adulthood and chose to remain a criminal.

At this point, you are to receive due process according to the immigration law.

It matters not that you have adopted certain values you claim are conservative, that you are employed here or attending an institution of higher learning – you are a criminal.  If you love this republic as much as you claim, you would not advocate for the citizens of this republic to overlook your crimes and provide you impunity.

You would seek justice through due process afforded under the immigration law, acknowledging your conscious actions.

Knowing that you are in violation of the law, you have not indicated any action on your part to correct that fact or sought to receive due process.

Some Christian leaders, pastors, and Catholic Bishops have supported illegal alien invaders in the same situation as you to receive amnesty or relief from the application of the law;  but, that does not mean it follows Scripture.

You are not being oppressed or being treated any differently than a citizen.  Just as citizens are afforded due process and held to the law, so must you be.

And, when dealing with Scripture, one cannot take one verse to stand alone without looking at the context.

When looking at Scripture, you should also be mindful of Romans Chapter 13, verses 1-7.

By the way, you do not have to wait on Congress to enact legislation for you to be productive here, live here, pay taxes and contribute permanently.

The Offices of Immigration are open Monday through Friday.  You have not availed yourself of the lawful remedy or due process.  Now, if you had availed yourself of the lawful remedy, citizens might have more empathy for your situation.

As it stands, citizens are being denied justice – government applying the law equally to everyone, engaging in due process, and applying a remedy – to award special status to a certain demographic of individuals.

This is not equal application of the law.

Moreover, government should seek justice for its citizens – prosecuting those in violation of the duly passed constitutional law.

Another issue you fail to recognize is the fact that many radicals are in this republic in violation of immigration law.

These radicals seek to destroy our culture, our republic, our constitution and harm citizens.

If impunity from the law is given to individuals such as you, it would include those individuals as well.

What you advocate for yourself, you advocate for individuals who have and are violating additional just laws of this republic.

And, you do it with some inane sense of bravado, boasting of your good works, your love for this republic and your willingness to sacrifice for it.

However, you are not willing to sacrifice your comfort or station to be held to the law.

In fact, you insult every citizen of the united States, particularly those who have sacrificed their lives and limbs to uphold, defend and protect the Constitution for the united States of America and those who entered this republic legally becoming naturalized after years of sacrifice.

Citizens of this republic have given in repeatedly on “amnesty” to illegal alien invaders.

Yet, individuals like your parents and yourself continually violate the laws of this republic.

Each time a swell of illegal alien invaders amass here the push is always for impunity from the law, which is in essence amnesty.

Many are tired of the arrogance with which violators of our laws demand a relief from the consequences but never seek to receive due process under the law for their violations.

The love for this country involves respect for the law, which you do not possess.

Your beseeching for mercy, while appearing to be sincere, actually almost lovingly chastises citizens for requesting enforcement of the law.

The only thought you give is to yourself, those in your family, and those in your situation.

Not once did you ever consider the citizens of this republic.

Not once did you consider how citizens here feel or attempt to walk a mile in our shoes.  All your focus was directed to citizens understanding your side.   Maybe that is the thorn that sticks in the side of many US citizens.  It is the selfishness of illegal alien invaders such as yourself that frustrates citizens.

All your focus was directed to citizens understanding your side.

Maybe that is the thorn that sticks in the side of many US citizens.  It is the selfishness of illegal alien invaders such as yourself that frustrates citizens.

The hope of citizens focuses on government adhering to the Constitution, applying the laws of this republic equally and without prejudice to all here.

To do otherwise is to taint our republic, move toward despotism and tyranny, and malign every citizen in the united States.

Those who wish to enter this republic should feel the same.  If not, then you do not deserve the privilege of becoming a citizen or living in this republic.


The Washington Standard

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