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Remember When Fauci Accused Children Of Spreading AIDS In The 80s & Exposed The AIDS Patients To Drug Deadlier Than The Disease?

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A decade ago, Dr. Anthony Fauci tried to pull the same stunt on the American people that he is currently involved in with the propaganda of the CONvid-1984.  In doing so, he was one of the first to point out that children were virtually untouched by the CONvids, only to now be pushing the idea that the shots, fraudulently referred to as “vaccines,” need to be given to everyone.  However, do you remember when this criminal actually accused children of spreading AIDS in 1983?

An article was penned by Fauci in May 1983 in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) during the AIDS crisis.  In that article, Chicken Little Fauci sounded the alarm about “the possibility that routine close contact, as within a family household, can spread the disease.”

As Philip Magness reminds us:

The article took an increasingly speculative turn in promoting this new theory. “If indeed the latter is true, then AIDS takes on an entirely new dimension,” it continued. “If we add to this possibility that nonsexual, non-blood-borne transmission is possible, the scope of the syndrome may be enormous.” Although the article reiterated the need to “be cautious” in accepting these findings as they awaited more evidence, the discovery “should at least alert us to the possibility that we are truly dealing with AIDS in children,” as transmitted through routine interaction.

We now know of course that Fauci’s theory was wrong. HIV, the virus that was later discovered to cause AIDS, only transmits by exposure to infected bodily fluids such as blood, or by sexual contact. The infant infection discussed in the same JAMA issue involved vertical transmission from the mother to child during pregnancy. 

The damage was already done though, as the media went to work stoking alarm about AIDS transmission through simple routine contacts. Hundreds of newspapers disseminated the distressing theory from Fauci’s article. Writing a few weeks later, conservative columnist Pat Buchanan enlisted Fauci as the centerpiece of a rebuttal against Health and Human Services Secretary Margaret Heckler, who told him “there is no evidence…that the general population is threatened by [AIDS].” 

Magness also said that Fauci was hardly scientific in his comments.

“Fauci usually caveats his remarks with a stream of noncommittal auxiliary verbs – the disease “could,” “might,” or “may” behave as his latest prognostication asserts,” he wrote.

In other words, Fauci has zero evidence for his claims, just theories… hmmm could those be viral conspiracy theories?  Yes, that’s exactly what they are but the Mockingbird corporate-owned media ran with headlines that declared Fauci’s word as equivalent to the Word of God, just like they do today.

Margaret Taylor reminds us:

During the 1980s AIDS crisis, Anthony Fauci, a rising star in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) bureaucracy, promoted a false and unscientific hypothesis that children could spread the disease within their families through close contact. According to Great Game India, the media rapidly spread this disinformation, causing a national media frenzy and public hysteria.

On May 6, 1983, Fauci published an article in JAMA Network, the American Medical Association’s monthly open-access medical journal, in which he promulgated this false theory about a newly discovered little-known syndrome.

He also mentioned in that article that the journal had published a study documenting one of the first cases of immunodeficiency disease in an infant in the same issue, increasing “the possibility that routine close contact, such as within a family home, may spread the disease.”

“Researchers conclude the disease can be transmitted by sexual contact and blood transfusions. However, “if non-sexual, non-blood transmission is plausible, the magnitude of the syndrome may be enormous,” Fauci continued, “AIDS takes on a whole new dimension,” fueling confusion and alarm by placing a more theoretical spin on his hypothesis.

The media jumped on Fauci’s claims and took action almost immediately.

Fauci’s hypothesis was deceptive, unsupported, and quickly debunked. It was discovered that the infant infection described in JAMA, on which he based his theory, involved vertical transmission from mother to child during pregnancy. Furthermore, HIV, the virus later connected to the cause of AIDS, is only transmitted through contact with contaminated bodily fluids, such as blood, or through sexual contact, according to medical and scientific consensus.

However, the damage had already been done. Hundreds of newspapers published Fauci’s deceptive hypothesis, and the media vigorously worked to raise awareness about the spread of AIDS through everyday communication.

Fears of transmission by simple touch, which were unfounded, became one of the most damaging blunders of the entire AIDS crisis.

The AIDS crisis was a manufactured one and Fauci not only accused children of spreading AIDS, but also brought in the deadly drug AZT into the AIDS crisis, which was a drug just like the shots given today that killed faster than AIDS did.

According to Celia Farber, “AZT had been an abandoned cancer drug, discarded because of it’s fatal toxicity, resurrected in the cynical belief that AIDS patients were going to die anyway, so trying it out was sort of like playing with the house’s money. Because the drug didn’t require the usual massively expensive research and trial processes, having gone through that years earlier, it was insanely profitable for its maker, Burroughs Wellcome. It was a tragically perfect storm of windfall profits, something to pacify AIDS activists and the media, and a convenient boom to the patent holders for HIV testing.”

If you are not familiar with the entire AIDS scamdemic, check out former CBS Healthwatch reporter Jon Rappoport’s excellent book AIDS, Inc.

Indeed, because the united States has not brought Anthony Fauci to justice for his crimes decades ago, he has been emboldened to commit more against the People.  It is far past time that he be brought to justice and given due process and if found guilty, given a swift public execution.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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