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Remember, You Are Not Alone! (Video)

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While doing research last week I came across a term that was new to me.

The term is menticidewhich means murdering of the mind.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, menticideis The undermining or destruction of a person’s mind or will, especially by systematic meansand is a characteristic activity of totalitarian regimes.

Totalitarian regimes historically achieve and maintain control over a population targeted for enslavement by means of menticide, which is accomplished more quickly and effectively when the subjects are isolated from one another.

So, its no surprise that the enemies of liberty, who are desperately seeking to enslave the entire planet by means of a fake pandemic, would use strategies like lockdowns, masks, social distancing, censorship, to not only isolate us physically from our loved ones, our neighbors, and our church communities, but from any ideas or opinions which contradict their sick agenda.

This systematic effort to undermine and destroy our values and beliefs, and to induce us to accept and even promote radically different ideas can be successfully defeated but only if it is understood and resisted.

So, please commit yourself to remembering and reminding yourself and others that you are NOT ALONE.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of your countrymen agree with you. You are in your right mind. Dont allow them to murder it.

Be encouraged. Encourage others.

Let not your heart be troubled.

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Article by Michael Peroutka

The Washington Standard

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