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Rep. Ilhan Omar & CAIR Rally to Defense of Somali Attempted Cop-Killer

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The enemy is on the inside.

The man who died after an exchange of gunfire with Minneapolis Police Wednesday night fired at officers first before he was killed, the Minneapolis Police Chief said in a news conference Wednesday night.

Sources told FOX 9 officers also recovered a gun from the suspect’s person after the gunfire exchange.

Since the body camera footage exists and was released, the media is working hard to make this sound confusing.

 In the video, it’s difficult to make out exactly what happens. The footage shows a man in a white sedan trying to pull away from officers as squads box him in at the gas station. At one point, as officers surround the vehicle, the driver’s side window of the sedan shatters outward and smoke is seen. Chief Arradondo says it appears the man fired first at officers.

In response, officers opened fire, and about a dozen gunshots are heard in the video.

It’s hard to make out what happens when Dolal Idd tries to ram police cars and then somehow “the driver’s side window of the sedan shatters outward and smoke is seen.”

It’s hard to imagine what could make cause the window to shatter outward followed by smoke. A really strong cigarette? The power of social justice?

And the usual suspects are not about to let video of their boy trying to kill police before being shot dissuade them from supporting the attempted cop killer.

“MPD is a joke, this isn’t transparency or accountability. A man was killed, his family terrorized & robbed of a son and all they are left w/ is more questions than answers. Let’s stop normalizing + justifying state sanctioned murder by those who take an oath to uphold the law,” Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted.

How do Somali police react when someone shoots at them? With hugs, kisses, and some ritual footwashing?

Or we could ask about Mohamed Noor, a Somali MPD hire who shot an unarmed woman who was reporting an assault.

CAIR is also busy.

Jaylani Hussein — executive director of Minnesota’s chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) — was also at the scene.

“We want immediately, first of all, the narrative to be clear. We don’t want to paint a picture that is not true or not reflective or creates a great deal of ambiguity,” Hussein said.

Go watch the video and then paint your picture.

“They say that was gunfire exchange, but we’ve noticed that gunfire exchange between White police officers and White victims usually ends up in nobody dying,” Hussein said.

Because the police use magic bullets when shooting at white people. Harmless magic bullets.

After reviewing the video, Hussein called it “inconclusive.” CAIR held a candlelight vigil for Idd Thursday night.

At least Dolal Idd didn’t manage to kill any Americans. Unlike many other CAIR heroes.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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