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RNC Chairman: Hillary is Untrustworthy to be President Due to EmailGate

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As many suspected all along, Hillary Clinton used her illegal private email server to send and receive classified, top secret information when she was Secretary of State. On Friday, the State Department revealed there were 22 of Hillary’s emails that contained information of that type. During this entire investigation, Hillary maintained she did nothing wrong. What else would anyone in the Clinton gang say? Going back to their Arkansas days, both Clintons have engaged in criminal activity.

In response to the email revelation, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus stated on Friday that it “removed all doubt that she cannot be trusted with the presidency.”

Priebus said, “Hillary Clinton’s attempt to skirt government transparency laws by relying exclusively on an unsecure email server in her basement put our national security and diplomatic efforts at risk. And rather than tell the American people the truth, Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and her friends in the Obama administration have obfuscated and misled at every available opportunity.”

“If this isn’t disqualifying, I don’t know what is.”

Neither does anyone else, Mr. Priebus.

When the private server was revealed, many believed and maintained that violations occurred from having the server in the first place. And, the server was used consistently by Clinton, meaning classified, top secret information was passed using the server. Yet, Hillary Clinton remains free and in the running for the 2016 Democrat presidential nominee.

According to Newsmax.com:

The White House said for the first time that the emails with the closely held government secrets were on Clinton’s unsecured home server.

The State Department said that its security and intelligence operations would investigate whether any of the information was classified at the time of transmission — going to the heart of one of Clinton’s primary defenses of her email practices.

So, the crux of the matter is basically timing. If the information was not classified at the time of transmission, Clinton would be exonerated of that violation. However, even if the information was classified as top secret later, the information didn’t change and would, if falling into the hands of those who shouldn’t have it, be a breach in security. Their rationale is akin to saying, “The plans for the invasion of Normandy on D-Day weren’t classified or top secret until it was.”

“These revelations once again raise serious legal questions given the fact Hillary Clinton signed a legally binding agreement obligating her to protect classified material regardless of whether it was marked,” Priebus said. “Democrats will have to decide whether they really want to nominate a candidate who could face severe legal repercussions in the middle of the campaign and who has so brazenly violated the public trust with her reckless disregard for our national security.”

Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton called Clinton’s use of the personal email account was not “just negligent” but “completely dangerous.

“Housing top-secret emails on an unsecure, personal server put our national security at grave risk,” said Cotton, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. “Did our enemies hack these emails? And were lives put at risk as a result?

“To put our country in danger for personal convenience is arrogant and irresponsible — and it’s illegal,” he said. “She should face the same consequences that any federal employee who behaved similarly would face, including criminal prosecution.”

With the amount of information all agencies have on Hillary, it is enough to issue a warrant under probable cause — it is for us peons, that is.

As Priebus indicated, serious legal questions are raised concerning Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecured private server. Democrats, though, care little about legality. The preferred Democratic presidential nominee for 2016 has been chosen. It is Hillary Clinton, despite her role in Benghazi and using a private email server to manipulate what information is disclosed to the public and State Department.

Legal repercussions will not resonate with the Democrat’s preferred choice to follow Hussein Soetoro as president; nor, will any criminal activity be allowed to stick to Hillary Clinton. It is the law of inequity in play for the “elite” political class of individuals in the Democratic Party. Republicans can huff and puff all they want; but, none in both chambers of Congress are willing to bring down the House of Clinton.

This is one more example of the “transformation” of this nation. There is definitely something wrong when the political elite can engage in illegal criminal activity and be exonerated under some circular rationale and logic that would have anyone else in jail. This is the status quo of the political elite. Unfortunately, it will continue until citizens of the united States have had their fill.

Remember, all of these candidates were for the Constitution until they weren’t; and are for it, until they’re not.

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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