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Romney to Advise Trump How to Win Election

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It’s almost a given that most people know someone who is great at giving unsolicited advice on everything concerning everyone else’s life as “they know” from experience. They can tell you what to do about parenting, fixing your home, fixing your car, managing your finances and how to get ahead at work. Yet, in looking around at this “great giver of advice,” one finds this person no more successful than yourself or even a failure in many areas.

Donald Trump remains the frontrunner in the GOP field of presidential candidates; yet, Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP presidential candidate and loser to His Mentally Unstableness Obama, is taking it upon himself to lecture “The Donald” on how “a Republican can win the White House.”

Romney, in an interview with David Axelrod, a former Obama strategist, said, “I think Donald Trump has said a number of things which are hurtful, and he has said they were childish in some respects, and I think will be problematic either in a primary or in a general election if he were to become the nominee.” Romney also stated he thought Trump might have some difficulty going into the next phase and believes Trump’s style and comments damages the GOP overall. Despite Romney previously predicting Trump as unlikely to win the nomination, Romney appears to be contemplating the possibility that Trump could snag the nomination–like former candidate Scott Walker has come out claiming.

Seriously? Romney is going to give Trump advice on how to “win” the White House as a Republican. This is the spineless man who lost the nomination of the GOP party in 2008 to the traitor John McCain, who lost to a relatively unknown “present-voting” Senator who spent only 144 days occupying the seat. This is the same man, who won the GOP party nomination in 2012, yet lost to the man holding the Oval Office despite overwhelming evidence of criminal activity, lying and treason committed by the incumbent. It appears the GOP has done plenty to damage itself over the last eight years and more without any help from Donald Trump.

Romney has lost every presidential election in which he’s contended but still seems to be the “go to” person for advice. One thing that can be said about Romney is he can tell Trump what not to do if you want to win. In comparing the two drastically different styles between Romney and Trump, Trump has gained quite a following and garnered plenty of support through his energetic, no holds barred, opinionated speeches and disclosure of plans on issues of concern to Americans, where Romney failed to generate a hiccup’s worth of enthusiasm among even Republicans. Votes for Romney in 2012 were votes “against” Obama, to put it bluntly.

According to The Hill:

Asked Thursday if Trump’s comments taint the Republican party, Romney said, “Yeah, I think to a degree it does,” noting that if someone like Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) or former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is the GOP nominee, the comments on Hispanics might damage the party less.

So, the two leading establishment candidates would damage the party less if they made comments on Hispanics. Mind you, in Romney’s terms, the party would still be damaged (damage the party less), but not as much as if it was Donald Trump. Does the establishment GOP not get it?

The conservative voting base is sick and tired of “establishment.” Citizens spoke to the GOP and Democrats in 2014 by electing a majority Republican Senate to match the House. What happened? The “establishment” sold out the public and continued the status quo instead of honoring their “promises” to counter the damage done by Obama. Conservative America is sick of the “establishment” catering to corporations, special interest groups including Hispanic interest groups, Obama’s whims, Democrat arm-twisting, and the move away from values the GOP held for decades. If Rubio and Bush are the two leading establishment candidates and the poll numbers indicate a large margin of trailing behind Trump and Carson, one would think the GOP establishment would evaluate why.

But, alas, nope. Their strategy is to send in Romney, under the guise of helping Trump to snag the nomination, to help “tone down” Trump. It’s no secret Romney prefers Bush or Rubio. The Republican Party has undoubtedly worked hard to push Bush to the forefront, as have some lamestream news media outlets. Yet, Trump continues to dominate the field, along with Carson.

Many Americans are gravitating to Trump’s “in your face” style of “saying what most Americans are thinking,” then refusing to step back and apologize. While labeling some of Trump’s comments “hurtful” and claiming Trump indicated some comments were “childish in some respects,” Romney ignores similar childishness at the hands of Hillary Clinton regarding “email-gate” and Benghazi-gate during her almost non-existent campaign. And, the man sitting in the Oval Office, a Democrat, can issue all the snide, condescending, childish, rude, unprofessional, false statements and comments he wants without so much as a “belch” or “fart” being passed by Republicans.

If truth were to come out, the establishment GOP party cannot control Trump, cannot buy Trump, cannot counter Trump’s popularity with the people, cannot shut up Trump, and cannot get their “pick” for the presidential nomination with Trump leading the field. So, they “send in the clown” Romney in hopes of Trump following some “advice” from an individual with a track record of losses. Romney’s claim to fame loss was not many of his policies, but his willingness to roll over and play dead in the debate with Obama and false accusations made against him. Add to the mix that Republicans have become experts at shooting themselves in the foot and it becomes clear what troubles the establishment. With the rampant voting machine manipulation and fraud that occurred in the 2012 presidential election added to Romney’s almost capitulation and many voters refusing to vote for “weakness,” it guaranteed an Obama second term.

Trump has a long way to go to solidify support on the issues Americans are most concerned. As of now, Hillary and Trump are almost neck and neck in the poll, which is surprising considering her almost non-existent campaign, her criminal activities past and present, and the implication of her actions as Secretary of State contributing to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. The establishment has to gain control of Trump, if they can, for him to receive the GOP nomination in the face of widespread public support or sabotage his campaign to the point popular support shifts toward the more “establishment” choice. It would leave Ben Carson in the lead but open the door for Trump supporters to be wooed to the more palatable candidate supported by the GOP establishment.

Whether Trump solidifies the issues for Americans or not, one thing is clear: Trump flies in the face of the “political” machine controlled by Democrats and Republicans. It’s a machine of which Americans have grown tired, as nothing changes and, as of late, has grown worse. Trump, to his supporters, appears to fight against the bureaucratic and wealthy oligarchy controlling this nation through manipulating the political machine. Whether the GOP establishment likes it or not, it is that component it must address in order to regain the support of the people.

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