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Rumors of Retirement Swirl Around Anti-Trump RINO Leader

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Thursday was a very busy day for the rumor mill that has been consistently swirling about the aging and ailing senior Senator from Arizona, John McCain (R-AZ).

Most of the afternoon was filled with speculation that the Senator’s condition, he’s been dealing with an aggressive form of brain cancer for several months, had deteriorated to the point that the Senator would soon be forced to step down.

True Pundit had this story early Thursday afternoon:

Sen. John McCain is not expected to return the Washington D.C. politics, according to several sources who are closely monitoring his health and medical treatments at his ranch in Arizona.

In fact, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is already in the process of selecting a candidate to run for McCain’s senate seat in a special election after McCain’s expected retirement from the Senate, sources said. Candidates were contacted this week in fact as Democrats jockey to find new blood to oppose the GOP-held seat in Arizona.

“At this point, we are coming to terms that McCain is done here (in the Senate),” one Senate insider on the Hill said Wednesday. “Preparations are underway to deal with this.”

The TruePundit story caused a firestorm on Twitter and the social media commentary ran the gamut from ecstatic to down-trodden.

Here’s how the Twitterverse felt:



And my personal favorite…


However, it seems that the speculation about Senator McCain may have come too soon.

His wife, Cindy McCain, rushed to Twitter in an effort to stamp out the rumors about her husband’s future in the Senate.

Mrs. McCain mocked the rumors as a being spouted by “crackpots” and told her followers that her husband was “doing fine,” and had “not intention of resigning.”

It’s unclear just how “fine” an 81-year old man with brain cancer, and a history of traumatic injury and stress, could actually be doing… but we’re not doctors, so we’ll have to take his family’s word for how he’s doing.

His daughter, The View co-host Meghan McCain, added her own two cents as well.

For his part, McCain himself was not commenting on the rumors, instead he focused his social media accounts on standing against President Trump’s Executive Order raising tariffs.

So, is Senator McCain on his way out? Maybe. Maybe not.

This story isn’t done yet.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Onan Coca.

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