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Russian Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya was in the Country Illegally because Obama let Her in & Let Her Stay

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The Russian attorney who met with Donald Trump, Jr. in June 2016, Natalia Veslnitskaya, should never have met with him because she was in the US illegally, and the Obama administration allowed her to stay.

Congress wants to know why the Obama administration allowed her to enter the country not once, but twice illegally in the past year.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley asked, “This raises serious questions about whether the Obama administration authorized her to remain in the country, and if so, why?”

We know that Veselnitskaya had a legal and valid visa at one time, but it had expired and the central government refused to renew it in 2015.  The question is, why would they not renew it and yet, allow her to travel in the US?  Additionally, why was she not arrested and deported?

According to a court filing by Veselnitskaya, she claimed her visa was denied and that she also requested visas for her children “so that they could be together with me over the Christmas holiday while I was working in New York on this lawsuit, but this was also denied.”

Following her visa denial, Veselnitskaya said that she was strip-searched at an US airport and that immigration personnel “specifically targeted me on the basis of the parole number that the United States Government had assigned to me.”

The Daily Beast reports:

Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met Donald Trump Jr. in New York last summer, said she was denied a U.S. visa in 2015.

She then asked federal prosecutors for permission to enter the U.S. to work on behalf of a client in a Manhattan. Prosecutors granted Veselnitskaya temporary “immigration parole” in late 2015 but it expired in early 2016, the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of New York told The Daily Beast.

Veselnitskaya’s parole was not renewed, the U.S. Attorney’s Office added.

That raises the question of how Veselnitskaya was able to enter the U.S. in June 2016 when she visited Trump Tower.

The State Department would not confirm or deny whether Veselnitskaya applied again for a visa in 2016, let alone if a visa was granted. A spokesperson told The Daily Beast the State Department could not comment due to privacy considerations. Veselnitskaya also did not respond to requests for comment.

In January 2016, Ms. Veselnitskay tried to extend the parole she was given for another month.  However, the US Attorney’s Office rejected the request.

“What we’ve told defense counsel, when they have asked for it to be extended, is we will reauthorize the immigration parole to allow them to attend for trial and for reasonable pretrial preparation once there is a trial date,” Assistant U.S. attorney Paul Monteleoni said, according to a court transcript.

Now, she claims she is “happy” to testify before Congress.  Why is this woman not being arrested?  She is clearly violating the law.  Why call a woman who is currently and openly violating federal law to testify against the President’s son?

“I’m ready if I’m guaranteed safety because today I have to think about my safety first and foremost, about the safety of my family, my four children,” she told RT. “If the Senate wishes to hear the real story, I will be happy to speak up and share everything I wanted to tell Mr. Trump last year.”

“I’m ready to clarify the situation behind this mass hysteria – but only through lawyers or testifying in the Senate,” Veselnitskaya said.

She called the controversy a “very well-orchestrated story concocted by one particular manipulator,” whom she identified repeatedly as American businessman Bill Browder.

So, the obvious question is not so much her meeting with Trump, Jr. as it is why did the Obama administration not enforce immigration laws against Ms. Veselnitskaya?

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