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Saudi Teen Put in Cage for Kissing American Student

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A 16 year-old girl studying abroad in Wales kissed and hugged an American student in public. When her father found out, who already opposed the western lifestyle she had adopted, he brought her back home and put her in a cage. She was also allegedly arrested for kissing and hugging a man in public and who was not her husband.

According to The Times, Amina Al-Jeffery sent her friend a photograph of herself pictured standing in front of the barrier in her father’s house, which she describes as a cage. Amina asked her friend for help stating, “Just because I am dressed up, I am dressed up in a cage.”

Four years later, Amina Al-Jeffery, 21, claims she is still being held in a cage in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She’s sent pictures to her friends asking for help. According to the Daily Mail, she was able to speak to attorney Anne-Marie Hutchinson after briefly escaping from her father’s home. Her attorney says she fears Amina’s safety and took legal action in London in an attempt to protect her.

When the case came before the High Court, Amina’s attorney explained that she had not been given food or water, had been physically abused, and was being kept in a cage because her father will not allow her to marry whomever she wants.

Judge Justice Holman stated there was enough evidence to be “very concerned” about Amina’s welfare, especially since her father admitted to the charges to a certain extent.

The Times reported that Amina’s father stated, “I will not allow Amina to go back to a toxic lifestyle.”

Her father, who works at the King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, admitted to locking his daughter inside his apartment and constructing a “‘very elaborate steel latticework” over windows to prevent Amina from being heard if she were to shout.

His attorney, Marcus Scott-Manderson, told the court that Amina’s father “had ‘required’ his daughter to go to Saudi Arabia when she was 16 because he was concerned about the life she led in Wales.” Ironically, he added that the father’s concern was that Amina “is going to be at risk (in Britain),” where she lived freely.

But– it is in Saudi Arabia– not Wales– that Amina lives in a cage.

And it is Saudi leaders who have sent more than $80 million to the Clinton Foundation. The same foundation that asserts it advocates for women’s, children’s and human rights.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Bethany Blankley.

The Washington Standard

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