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Seditionist “Fogbow” Group Worked Hand In Glove With Robert Mueller To Frame Navy Veterans

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I’ve written three previous articles on something that happened almost a decade ago that involved Robert Mueller and the framing of a Navy veteran on gun charges, and there’s still more information coming forth.  While some women accuse Mueller of sexual misconduct, the reality is that there is only one criminal complaint against Robert Mueller and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has confirmed that.  But what some people don’t know is there is a seditionist group that worked with Mueller to frame Darren Huff.

For the background on this story, please click here, herehere and here.

The first thing that needs to be reviewed is what is Fogbow?

Fogbow is a blog/forum made up of Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah supporters.

According to their self-description:

The Fogbow is a community of people who enjoy following fringe political movements in American politics.  Originally formed in 2009 and dedicated to debunking the “birther” movement [a movement that was first advanced by Democrats Bill and Hillary Clinton], we have evolved as the birther movement faded in the rear view mirror.

Today the only birthers worth talking about are Ted Cruz birthers, and the various lawsuits challenging his eligibility are following the familiar pattern of the past 7 1/2 years – they’re all being tossed by the courts for lack of standing and justiciability.  Thus, we now focus primarily on the “sovereign citizen” movement, the so-called “patriot” movement, and on various currency revaluation scams.

However, our community does follow many other topics, from teh 2016 presidential react to technology and science and mathematics, and from the latest books and TV shows to the innumerable tragic mass shootings in this great nation.

We have these things mostly in common:  Most, but not all of us are Democrats.  Most, but not all of us have college degrees, and in many cases advanced degrees.  Most, but not all of us are liberls.  Most, but not all of us live in the United States, though we have many members in other countries.  We have a lot of lawyers, due to the many, many lawsuits the birthers had in the past.  But we also have professionals from many other walks of life.  Our members have a vast storehouse of information and experiences.  Plus snark.  Our snark is the best.

The heart of our community is our forum.

There’s more on The Fogbow here.

These people threaten others with MalwareOne of Obama’s attorneys was a Fogbow member, which was a violation of federal law, according to Sharon Rondeau of The Post & Email.   However, no one should be surprised considering the many documented crimes of Obama and the fact that he surrounded himself with America’s enemies.

So, these are all supporters of the usurper-in-chief because he was not a natural born citizen, the man who claimed he never had an alias, but then gave it to us in a talk that was recorded.

The group’s leader, PJ “Foggy” Bryan, apparently worked with Robert Mueller, who was director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the time, and some of the members of Fogbow that worked to frame Navy veteran Darren Huff, as well as Navy veteran Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III.

In a BlogTalk Radio audio dated 08-19-2014, the night of Mr. Fitzpatrick’s sentencing, he captured “Foggy” admitting to playing a role in working with Mueller to frame these men.

Here’s the broadcast.

“Foggy” admits to the part The FOGBOW played in Mueller’s manufactured terrorism at the 1hr. 28 sec. mark, which goes on for a few minutes.

“Something I’m going to pass on to everyone in the [FOGBOW] community…It wasn’t me [Foggy] who called the police back in April 2010, but that was somebody from our [FOGBOW] community…the FBI was able to stop that because of our community,” he is heard to say.

Additionally, Steve Crump, Tennessee’s incumbent 10th Judicial District Attorney General states at the 1hr. 28 minute mark: “Main reason I called in was to let you and your supporters know without your help (“Foggy” and The FOGBOW getting past the “seditionist harpist’s” in Connecticut firewall), we wouldn’t have all of Walt’s musing and ah those helped to convict him.”

Foggy’s reply is “Well good.”

Crump’s “seditionist harpist” is Sharon Rondeau, who is the Post & Email Editor.

Crump, working with “Foggy” and The FOGBOW, hacked into Sharon’s computer system to gather information which Crump used against in testimony before the local grand jury and later a trial jury, according to Fitzpatrick.

“I have reason to believe FOGBOW community members hacked into and attempted to hack into additional computer systems,” Fitzpatrick told The Washington Standard.

“As Post & Email Editor Sharon Rondeau can relate, there are other places wherein “Foggy” Bryan brags on The FOGBOW success, working with Mueller, to carry out Mueller’s Madisonville Hoax,” he added.

Fitzpatrick also said this has been reported to the FBI’s JOINT TERRORISM TASK FORCE and that was represented in the audio portion of his April 5, 2018 interview with Special Agent Mark Irwin.

Mr. Fitzpatrick is convinced of the significance and gravity regarding The Fogbow’s involvement and interdiction of his trial, and prior into the grand jury deliberations, which Crump engineered.

“Robert Mueller was working shoulder to shoulder with the Fogbow to frame Darren Huff and others,” said Fitzpatrick.

The Fogbow continues its harassment of Walter Fitzpatrick.  In a thread dated October 29, 2018, group’s members are continually making mention of him even today.According to Fitzpatrick, “There are more than 12 thousand harassing, trolling and provoking stabs in the past decade.”

A criminal complaint exists and is under investigation against Robert Mueller.  Mueller has been investigating a Russian collusion allegedly involving the Trump campaign for nearly two years with absolutely no evidence that has been brought forward proving that it ever took place.  Mueller worked in the coverup of 9/11.  And he’s been involved in framing our veterans.  When is someone going to bring some justice to Robert Mueller?

Tim Brown

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