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Self-Proclaimed Pro-Life Republicans Blast Democrats For Opposing Bill To Protect Babies Who Survive Attempted Murder

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Democrats, liberals, progressives, LGBTQxyz individuals, socialists, Marxists, fascists, and communists, it’s time to stand up and represent.  Many of your party members in Congress refuse to protect the lives of innocent babies who are murdered in the womb and the lives of innocent babies born who survived the attempted murder on their life.  Stand up and represent your support for infanticide and murdering babies in the womb.  It’s very simple really;  either you are against murder (anti-murder) or you are for murder (pro-murder).  There are no shades of gray;  no special circumstances under which one can justify murder;  or, no justification for the killing of another human being who has committed no offense against the people or the nation.

WND reported:

A group of pro-life Republicans in the House gathered Wednesday to ask the question: Why are Democrats fighting so hard to stop born infants from getting medical care?

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.), Whip Steve Scalise (R., La.), and Republican Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney (R., Wyo.), and others lambasted Democrats for blocking legislation requiring doctors to treat babies born after failed abortions. The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act would legally cover infants who are still alive after botched abortions with “the same claim to the protection of the law that would arise for any newborn, or for any person who comes to a hospital, clinic, or other facility for screening and treatment or otherwise becomes a patient within its care.”

With the words “end infanticide” emblazoned on the lectern at which they spoke, the GOP members of Congress emphasized their pro-life principles but also asked why even pro-choice Democrats would tolerate the killing of infants outside the womb.

The answer is simple – pro-choice is pro-murder.  If one is willing to murder an innocent human being, in this case a baby in the womb, one is certainly willing to murder a baby after birth or surviving the attempt on its life in the womb.  But, self-proclaimed “pro-life” Republicans are willing to “tolerate” the murder of babies in the womb.  Therefore, no Republican claiming to be “pro-life” can expect their Democrat counterparts clinging to “pro-choice” to back down on their promotion of baby murder post-birth when the socialist/communist doctrine devalues human life and uses violence and force, including murder, to promote their ideology.

WND continued:

“There are some issues you really can’t believe you have to have debated, and this is one of those issues,” Cheney said.

Specifically, Scalise implored Democrats to sign the discharge petition to bring the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act out of committee and onto the floor of the House.

“I’m calling on every member of Congress to sign the discharge petition,” Scalise said. “Let’s have a debate.”

The bill has gone down more than a dozen times in the House and Senate. The bill’s Senate sponsor, Ben Sasse (R., Neb.), said he was surprised it was blocked by a filibuster since nothing in its language restricts abortion, but that hasn’t stopped abortion-rights groups from denouncing it in strident terms. House members echoed Sasse’s point that this bill only serves to protect babies that have been born, repeatedly asking why Democrats have blocked it a total of 17 times.[Emphasis mine.]

“Seventeen times we’ve asked,” said Indiana’s Rep. Jackie Walorski (R.). “I cannot fathom, to our Democratic leadership, what are you afraid of?”

“It’s unbelievable,” Cheney said. “The Democrats are fighting for infanticide.”

Cheney is correct – Democrats are fighting for infanticide.  However, Republicans are operating as hypocritical as Democrats.  One cannot claim to be “pro-life” and support “pro-choice” – the murder of babies in the womb.   Murder is murder;  there is no reclassification of the definition just because another human being is in the womb.  If you are Republican and support the Republican position, stand up and represent.  Be proud of your affiliation.

But, Democrats continue to refer to women deciding to murder their unborn children through “murder-for-hire” scenarios as “women’s choice.”  The baby has two parents.  Why is the rights of the father not considered?  A baby is not an appendix, a liver or body part of its mother.  It is a separate human being, with different DNA than its mother, with all the inherent God-given individual unalienable rights as those already born, and the mother is the vessel/caretaker through which that individual human being is nurtured to development to survive without its vessel.

Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) slammed Republicans and the bill as being against “women’s rights” and “anti-doctor, anti-family, and anti-woman.”  According to Murray, as reported by WND, a law already exists that protects babies in these cases (those who survive the murder procedure known as abortion);  but, the bill does not contain any criminal penalties for doctors nor provision for the surviving baby to receive medical care.

How is protecting an innocent baby’s life “anti-doctor, anti-woman, or anti-family”?

“Kristyn Brandi, a board member of Physicians for Reproductive Health, said the Republican bill ‘is a stark departure from the 2002 law as it singles out abortion and applies strict new requirements on abortion providers only, with the intent to malign and threaten abortion providers.'”

This back and forth, “tit-for-tat” embarrassing arguing among politicians comes from attempting to justify murder based upon age/condition of being born, unless you are a Democrat.  In the case of Democrats following the lead of New York’s Andrew Cuomo, Virginia’s Ralph Northam, and Kathy Tran, it is acceptable to murder babies after being born if the mother decides she wants to kill her baby.  Although Tran walked back her comments to declare that murdering a baby when a woman is giving birth is infanticide, Washington Democrats refuse to walk back their support for infanticide.

Rep. Ben Cline (R-VA) partially gets it when he said, “There’s an important person being left out of that discussion, and that’s the baby.”

The baby, being an individual human being, is denied all the rights bestowed upon him/her by God by the mother, the doctor, and the government, most importantly the right to life;  but, the baby is being denied due process before being murdered just for existing and because the mother doesn’t want the child.  Who is to uphold the rights of the baby through representation?  Who stands up to protect those who cannot protect themselves?

All of this skirting around the issue would be avoided if murder wasn’t being politicized.  Life begins at conception and life has intrinsic value.  And, murder is murder regardless of age or status of birth.  It’s that simple.  But, “party politics” has taken this issue to the extreme and bizarre.  Republicans cannot have it both ways – claim to be “pro-life” while still supporting the murder of babies in the womb at any stage.  And, Democrats cannot survive supporting the murder of babies in the womb and after birth.  This is why no one should be loyal to any party because both are hypocritical, lawless and criminal when it comes to protecting the most innocent among the citizens.  The loyalty should be God first and His commandments, then, the founding documents of this republic.

So, it boils down to this one question, “are you pro-murder or anti-murder?”  There are no “ifs, ands, buts or qualifiers.”  The qualifiers are what these politicians are trying to work around to justify the unjustifiable.  If, after this, you can still support a party, stand up, Democrats, and represent;  the same for you Republicans.  If you can’t support either party because of this, you are now free from group-think and realize that both parties are corrupt, criminal and undeserving of your support.

American citizens should be able to reject the party system based on this one issue.  When politicians in both parties debate at what point it is acceptable to commit murder, there is a big problem with the morality of this nation reflected in these political hacks.  Today, it’s innocent babies.  Tomorrow, it could be any demographic group whom these political hacks decide is expendable.

There is only one position and that is murder is wrong, immoral, and illegal, regardless of age.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

The Washington Standard

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