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Should COVID-19 Treatment Involve Ventilators Being Reprogrammed Because Of Damage To Lungs?

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Cameron Kyle-Sidell, MD specializes in Emergency Medicine at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY — one of the epicenters of the coronavirus changing life in the U.S. as we once knew it.

I recently began following Dr. Sidell on Twitter and was struck by his first-hand accounts of treating patients with COVID-19 on the front lines at hospitals in New York.  Here is some information that I found fascinating as someone not familiar with this virus ravaging our country and the world.  I encourage people to read the information Dr. Sidell posted along with his videos — they are easy to follow and make good sense.  This is in no way an endorsement of the protocols this young emergency department physician suggests — it is more of an eye-opening challenge to question and determine for yourself if we need to rethink the treatment of COVID-19 before it is too late.

From Dr. Sidell’s recent Tweets:

Please read! https://atsjournals.org/doi/pdf/10.1164/rccm.202003-0817LE

Patients need OXYGEN, not PRESSURE.  COVID-19 is not ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome). March 30 letter by “THE” Italian and WORLD expert on ARDS.  Protocols MUST change.  The time is NOW! Save 100,000 lives! #oxygennotpressure #thetimeisnow COVID does not appear to be pneumonia, instead resembles something similar to high altitude sickness. We are treating the wrong disease.  Those not in the medical field, please spread the word of your experience.

Dr. Sidell’s video on what he has witnessed on the frontlines treating COVID-19 patients: https://vimeo.com/402537849

This is one interesting reply to Dr. Sidell’s video on Vimeo:

Amy Kosari 22 hours ago

Doctor, I have seen what you are describing with my own eyes. The blood does not flow. It’s slower than motor oil. It is quite startling. I am a Presbyterian minister with 23 years of experience, I have been in more hospitals than I can count and I have never seen this before. This is why in China they decided to give heparin, but they also added intravenous vitamin C because they knew what this does to the blood. Look, I am not a doctor but I know what happens when people get high dose intravenous vitamin C, their blood changes color, it gets brighter it has life. This is probably why the Chinese started to do this. There’s a whole lot more but here are the protocols first from Dr. Marik in Eastern Virginia Medical School and then the Shanghai report. This is not ARDS per se. They are dying of lack of oxygen just as you say. Again, I am not a doctor but when I saw the blood NOT flowing it was quite startling. Please read the Shanghai Report, I have been posting it everywhere, but no one will listen. When my husband contacted Dr. Marik said that he is currently updating his protocol with respect to heparin and getting the D-dimer level back to normal. please just read these.

Another Tweet from a physician agreeing with Dr. Sidell’s analogy on COVID-19:

“I agree with @cameronks We need to stop intubating patients early in #COVID19 disease course…these patients need O2 not pressure…putting them on ventilators will trash their lungs…this is not ARDS…these patients act more like HAPE (High-altitude pulmonary edema).”

The Tweets from Dr. Sidell and replies shown above are to inform and possibly educate people — it certainly educated me as an investigative reporter.

I recognize this is a bit to absorb, but in researching some of the information Dr. Sidell has put out in Twitter, I have found that with less oxygen in the blood, the heart and lungs have to work harder. This raises the pulse and the rate of breathing. More red blood cells are made to enable the body to carry more oxygen. The body responds to a change in altitude by altering blood acidity level, lung pressure, electrolyte levels, and fluid and salt balance which brings to bear Dr. Sidell’s theory on high altitudes.

If a young Emergency Department physician in Brooklyn, NY has a new direction to take this evil COVID-19 virus other than high pressure oxygen from vents — and it turns the tide on the devastation this is unleashing on all of us, my hope is Dr. Sidell receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Marianne Skolek Perez
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