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Sixth Video: Fetal Harvester Describes ‘Morbid’ Atmosphere In Planned Parenthood Clinics

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A medical technician who worked in Planned Parenthood clinics says they were “morbid” places where women were seen as profit opportunities by “cold-hearted” staff in a sixth video produced by a medical ethics group opposed to abortion.

“The environment, it’s morbid,” Holly O’Donnell says in the video. “You can hear screaming, you can hear crying.” (RELATED: Former PP Director: I profited By Convincing Women To Donate Aborted Fetuses)

O’Donnell’s job was to procure fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood clinics for StemExpress, a middleman between the aborted fetuses and researchers. She would “consent” women — ask them to donate their fetus — and then pick through the remains for the wanted tissue. (RELATED: Fetal Harvester Says She Passed Out In Shock On First Day In PP Clinic)

She describes an uncaring, traumatic atmosphere where each patient was a profit opportunity pressured aborting and donating their fetuses. “I’m not going to tell a girl to kill her baby so I can get money,” she says in retrospect. “And that’s what this company does.”

“The women I worked for were cold, just cold,” she added. “They don’t care. They just wanted their money. They didn’t care that the girl was throwing up in a trashcan, crying.” (RELATED: Shocking Images Of Aborted 20 Week Old Fetus In Fifth PP Video)

Women were targeted for consent each day based on the demand for tissue, O’Donnell says. And she got in trouble if she failed to consent a woman or refused to approach them when their most vulnerable.

“I would wait for certain girls to come in — I would look for an opportunity to consent.”

Some patients would come to her, crying, and ask O’Donnell whether they should go through with the abortion. “From my personal point of view, I’m pro-life, and I would tell them like run,” she says. “Go. You’ll figure something out — you don’t want to do this. Like, if you don’t want to do this, go home.”

“And I would get in trouble for that,” she continues, describing one confrontation with her boss, when she was told consenting the women and getting the needed tissue was “not an option.”

Asked by her boss why she didn’t get consent, O’Donnell replied: “Because she was crying and throwing up and she doesn’t even know if she wants to get it done.”

“What’d you say to her?” her boss replied.

“I told her if she wasn’t comfortable with it, then I’m not going to do anything.”

“Well, that was an opportunity you just missed,” adding on another occasion: “It’s not an option. It’s a demand. That’s what your job is.”

O’Donnell no longer works in the clinics.

“I said, ‘I’m not going to push them over the edge, when they’re already on the edge.’”

“There’s a reason why they keep journals in recovery rooms,” she continues in the video. “Like if abortion was a good thing, there wouldn’t be so much emotional damage from it. End of story.”(RELATED: New York Times Finally Corrects Erroneous Planned Parenthood Stories)

The video is the sixth in a series of videos released by The Center for Medical Progress, which alleges Planned Parenthood clinics are illegally selling aborted baby parts for profit. Planned Parenthood denies the allegations and says the clinics are receiving legal compensation for the cost of procurement. (RELATED: Planned Parenthood Allegations Turn On Squishy McConnell-Backed Law)

*Article by Rachel Stoltzfoos

The Washington Standard

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