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Sneaky Snake McConnell Using Failure Theater To Undermine Trump Immigration Platform

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Constitutionalists and those supporting constitution-authorized legislation regarding immigration into the republic may have been an issue that caused a rejection of establishment Republicans in favor of Donald J. Trump as choice for president.  His campaign platform on immigration placed Americans first, taking a hard-line stand on illegal alien invasion and illegal alien invaders squatting within US boundaries.  However, Americans have seen President Trump waffle on his campaign stance regarding immigration and illegal alien invaders/invasion, contemplating some form of “amnesty” and pathway to citizenship for DACA and DREAMER individuals.

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Seizing on Trump’s apparent sympathy toward these categories of illegal alien invaders, the GOP Senate majority, led by Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), may be handing Democrats and corporate-first Republicans an amnesty program in the Senate while “blocking President Trump’s pro-American reforms.”

Breitbart reported:

GOP Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has devised an immigration debate this week which can help an alliance of Democrats and roughly 15 business-first Republican Senators push an amnesty through the Senate while blocking President Donald Trump’s pro-American reforms.

“I think this is an effort that is set up to fail [Trump and] is not set up to help Americans,” said Rosemary Jenks, government relations director at NumbersUSA. She continued:

This [Senate debate] is a very serious threat — screwing up the immigration debate will cost the Republicans the House and potentially even the Senate [in November], which means President Trump gets impeached.

Sen. McConnell’s debate decision is just one of several occasions where GOP team members have fumbled the political ball on amnesty even when Democrats push it into their hands. The repeated failures by the GOP establishment is reminiscent of the “failure theater” strategy which they used in 2015 to hide their planned loss of a 2015 amnesty showdown with President Barack Obama.

The “failure theater strategy” received recognition because of House Representative John Boehner repeatedly engaging in brief, faked PR fights on crucial issues during the Obama administration era only to “give up” that fight, supporting the establishment behind closed doors.  Breitbart described it this way – “The failure theater strategy was developed by the establishment GOP to mimic popular opposition to Obama’s alliance of big-business, progressives and good-ol’-boy GOP local interests, while actually working behind closed-doors to let the establishment triumph.”  Even when the people overwhelmingly supported conservative actions, the “failure theater strategy” ensured those conservative actions never materialized.

Using this strategy helped the GOP establishment advance amnesty through passivity or failure.  Breitbart identified six different occasions where this occurred.

  1. “President Donald Trump’s congressional liaison aide is not trying to persuade Senators to back the President’s plan. Instead, Marc Short is merely acting as a ‘mediator’.”

Many identified Short as sort of a “facilitator” instead of the individual who represents President Trump’s stance on immigration and amnesty.  Those dealing with Short classified him as a “go-between” or a mediator that doesn’t try to reshape anyone’s thinking on the issues;  but, “takes it in,” then assumingly reports back to President Trump.

  1. Instead of pushing the pro-American immigration bill drafted by judiciary chairman Bob Goodlatte, House Speaker Paul Ryan opened the door to “Democrats and the business community strategy to pressuring Trump into more concessions” through his February 8th statement. “To anyone who doubts my intention to solve this problem and bring up a DACA and immigration reform bill, do not. We will bring a solution to the floor, one that the president will sign,” stated Ryan.

Before continuing with this identification of six ways the GOP is using the “failure theater strategy” to undermine Trump on “immigration reform,” the true question regarding immigration should be answered – What is wrong with our current immigration law that needs to be “fixed”?  Legal immigration into a republic, nation or country should not be easy, nor should it be quick, in order to allow immigrants to assimilate into the host country society.  Immigrants entering legally should be self-sufficient and not dependent on unconstitutional government give-aways.  Moreover, illegal alien invasion, or what some call illegal immigration, should not be tolerated.  Stiff penalties should be enacted and enforced to deter such violations of the law.  Anything less is marginalizing American citizens, legal immigrants on the path to citizenship, past legal immigrants who are now American citizens, and those waiting in line to immigrate to the US.

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Continuing, Breitbart reported:

  1. Since the January shutdown, the GOP has backed arguing the point that Democrats favor illegal alien invaders over American citizens. It was the argument that helped the Republicans win the shutdown showdown per The Washington Post.  However, McConnell has since silenced this critical point despite Democratic Sen. Tom Carper suggesting on February 5th that “millions of sidelined Americans should be discarded so that ‘dreamer’ illegals can get jobs.”

“Today, when folks want to work in this country, there is still 2 to 3 million jobs unfilled. Unfilled! Nobody is there to do the jobs, they don’t have the education, the work skills, the work ethic, they can’t pass a drug test … are we going to send 700-800,00 [DACA illegal immigrants] people back home to the countries where they were born? They are perfectly capable of doing these jobs, they can pass a drug test, why would we do that?” Carper stated.

[And, the number of DACA numbers remain inaccurate.  But, what is more interesting is the identification of 2 to 3 million unfilled jobs when unemployed Americans number far more than 3 million.  When one factors in the outrageous university degrees offered today, it’s no wonder graduates are unemployed and corporate jobs remain unfilled – there’s not much call for professional lesbian dance interpreters, women’s studies graduates or professional underwater basketweavers.]

Moreover, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recreated an incident where Republicans could engage in the same argument of Democrats favoring illegal alien invaders over Americans when she presented an emotional House floor speech on February 7th.

  1. Breitbart reported that “Senate leaders have done nothing to build public support for moderate Sen. Chuck Grassley’s immigration bill, which is publicly backed by McConnell’s deputy, Texas Sen. John Cornyn. The Grassley bill implements Trump’s four-part framework plan and so would help nudge up Americans’ wages by reducing the extra supply of workers via legal chain immigration. Their inaction means no media debate about the impact of mass immigration on voters’ wages, salaries, or productivity in an age of ever-widening automation, even though business leaders are making their cheap-labor goals very clear.”

Immigration polls which ask people to pick a priority or decide which option is fair show that voters in the polling booth put a high priority on helping their families and fellow nationals get decent jobs in a high-tech, high-immigrationlow-wage economy. Those results are very different from the “Nation of Immigrants” polls which are funded by business and progressives, and which pressure Americans to say they welcome migrants.

Again, why are both chambers of Congress wasting time on “new” immigration laws when the previously passed ones are not being enforced?  It should not be difficult to pass legislation to prohibit “chain migration” or “chain illegal alien invasion,” place limits on foreign work visas or prohibit those altogether

  1. When President Trump promotes his popular immigration platform, Republican Senators remain silent. Trump’s only supporters on his platform are Georgia Senator David Perdue and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton.
  2. “This week’s Senate debate on immigration was designed by McConnell, and it helps an informal coalition of Democrats and business-first Republicans collect 60 votes to pass an amnesty and prevent any cutbacks in legal immigration.”

Here is how this could work.  “McConnell designed the even-handed debate rule after helping Democrats’ retreat from their pro-amnesty, unpopular and damaging government shutdown mistake in January.  His rule says Senators will start with an empty bill and insert whatever proposals get 60 votes.”  “McConnell’s empty-bill rules means that many Senators can first fake a vote for Trump’s plan — and then swiftly push through a pro-business, cheap-labor amnesty.”

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Democrats could coordinate to keep the vote supporting Trump’s plan below the 60-vote threshold.  After this “fake” pro-Trump immigration platform vote, the “business-first Republicans” could join in with Democrats to deliver the 60 votes needed to pass the amnesty bill they prefer.  This “fake-then-real vote process” helps Democrats by wrapping themselves in a “pro-Trump vote before the November election while delivering the amnesty sought by their business allies.”

This is the depth and corruption of the DC swamp on display by turncoat Republicans who care not about American citizens but about keeping their donors and true constituents (large corporations and businesses) happy in order to secure their positions.  Moreover, many Republican Senators have tunnel vision, considering either the Grassley or Goodlatte bill or possibly a combination of the two, instead of examining the bigger picture to refine current immigration law to prevent visa lotteries, chain illegal alien invasion, prohibiting foreign work visas, increasing northern and southern border security, and building a wall that prevents illegal aliens from climbing over or tunneling under it.  As Rosemary Jenks stated, Trump should not abandon the immigration campaign platform that vaulted him to the presidency.

As a side note, many “rats” are now abandoning ship, so to speak, leaving their elected House and Senate positions.  While the reasons may vary, it may be an orchestrated plan to instill more Democrats in order to impeach President Trump on “nothing burgers” after the GOP majorities in both chambers refused to impeach a true White House criminal – Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah – and hold high level department secretaries and official accountable for their crimes as well.  But, I digress.

Has anyone in the House or Senate evaluated the plan Israel implemented regarding illegal alien invaders?  The government of Israel informed illegal aliens they had 90 days to leave or face imprisonment, offering a monetary compensation of $3,500 (2,900 Euros) for leaving within the specified timeframe.  The difference between Israel and the united States in dealing with illegal alien invaders is striking – 66 % of the Israeli population supports the government’s efforts.  One can bet our corrupt shill politicians would never consider such a plan.  It would disrupt the current established federal government that is “for the corporations, by the corporations and of the corporations.”

Even if the majority of US citizens supported a legislated plan similar to the one adopted by Israel, anti-constitutionalists and illegal alien invader criminals would riot in the streets while State and city politicians would defy the law through continued “sanctuary” city and State statuses.  So, even if a national vote were taken on the issue or even a vote State by State, the vote would be rendered nil by shill politicians in cities and States across the nation, indicating who actually has the power in the united States:  corporations, corporation controlled politicians, and corporate supported illegal alien invaders.

This “failure theater strategy” adopted by Republicans and continued with the help of Mitch McConnell is nothing short of insurrection and treason against the American people through aiding and abetting the enemies of the united States – illegal alien invaders who seek nothing more than to eat out our sustenance and implement their form of government, which is not a free republic.   What McConnell and his ilk are doing is reprehensible, disgraceful, and offensive to the American people.  Moreover, it exposes the Republicans as no better than the Democrats and exposes government officials as the puppets of corporations and non-citizens.  Our form of government, established by the Constitution, is not the problem;  neither is the current immigration law.   It is the people occupying the positions in government that is the problem.  The time has come for their removal and new guards instilled who will support, defend and uphold the Constitution, including the immigration laws and holding sanctuary city and State government individuals accountable for violating those laws.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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