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Socialist Senator Kamala Harris Calls For Eliminating Private Health Insurance

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Senator Kamala Harris is selling full socialized medicine as the “Medicare for All” lie. Try “Medicaid for All”… if we’re lucky.

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Most welfare medicine programs piggyback on an existing free market system. Eliminate the free market system and roll it all into one big socialized medicine mess, and the talent exits, hospitals close down or cut services further, and you have the same quality of medicine you get in South Central or the Bronx.

And then the Canadians will have to fly elsewhere to get decent medical care.

“We need to have Medicare-for-all,” Harris told a questioner in the audience, noting it’s something she feels “very strongly” about.

When pressed by CNN’s Jake Tapper if that means eliminating private insurance, the senator answered affirmatively, saying she would be OK with cutting insurers out of the mix. She also accused them of thinking only of their bottom lines and of burdening Americans with paperwork and approval processes.

Try the paperwork and approval processes involved in Medicare. And the resource management involved.

The NHS in the UK and Canada’s experiment with denying seniors treatment offer plenty of horror stories.

But Kamala Harris is only thinking of her own bottom line. And that’s the impossibility of running as a 2020 Dem without going full socialist.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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