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Solutions for a Donald Trump America – An Introduction

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We are aware of the problems, but what steps do we take to find solutions?


Although we can be certain that Time Magazine will never bestow him the honor, Donald J. Trump would seem to be the front-runner for Man of the Year in 2016.  The way he won the Presidential election, an outsider who fought against all odds, makes it apparent to me that we are truly living through a monumental series of events in human history.  But, does the election of Donald Trump expose as many challenges as it does opportunities?

Having finally become fed-up with the open criminality of the Federal Government, Americans overwhelmingly elected New York real-estate mogul, Donald J. Trump to be the 45th President of the United States.  President-elect Trump, even before the exhaustive presidential race, is perceived as someone who “gets things done;” a perception that has largely been magnified with his stunning victory over career politician, Hillary Clinton.   I’m not trying to throw a wet-blanket on a great victory, but, unfortunately, there is a bad side to Donald Trump’s victory that we need to be mindful to avoid; and that’s complacency among patriots, and those who have recently been awakened by WikiLeaks, Project Veritas, InfoWars and others.

When a strong figure like Donald Trump takes the lead of an organization, there is a tendency for those within the organization to “dial it down” some because the new, strong leader is expected to right the ship and have all of the solutions.  In other words, the new leader assumes the role of a savior, whether they want to or not.  I caution everyone who reads this article to avoid going down that same path with Donald Trump.  Not because I think Donald Trump is disingenuous, for I think he believes everything he has told the American people; but I think that, simply put, Donald Trump cannot do it alone and he needs our help.

Although we do not believe that “it takes a village” here at NorthWest Liberty News, we do think that everyone needs to take an active role in the defense of liberty; and that now, more than ever, we need to ramp up our efforts to find solutions for those who are going to experience the vacuum that will be created by the collapsing Mainstream media.  It is in that spirit that I bring you the video interviews below with my great friend, Rich Scheben.

Rich Scheben grew up in the metropolitan area of N.Y.C.  With degrees in Forestry, Business Administration, and Marketing he lived the part of the New York businessman and night-life denizen. His dream as a young man was to move to the wilds of Montana to hunt, fish, and live off the land.  At age 26 he made the move.  Rich has now been living in Montana for 30 years and living off grid for almost 9 years.  Rich and Karen now live without traditional running water, flushing toilets, interior pipes, water heater, pressure tank, freezer, dryer, dishwasher, microwave, T.V. and most modern conveniences. They heat their cabin with an Amish wood cook stove; their only source of heat.  They hunt, fish, and grow produce for food.  They raise their own animals and harvest edible and medicinal plants.

Article posted with permission from North West Liberty News

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