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Soros-Backed Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby Indicted

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Many people probably remember the crimes of Marilyn Mosby when it came to attempting to coverup what Baltimore Police did to Freddie Gray years ago. However, it appears that Baltimore is a cesspool for corrupt politicians like George Soros-backed Mosby. Now, she has been indicted on federal perjury and mortgage charges.

FOX 45 reports:

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby is now facing federal charges of perjury and making a false statement on a loan application.

A federal indictment was announced Thursday.

Mosby is accused of lying about experiencing COVID-related hardship on an application where she asked to withdraw $40,000 from her Baltimore City retirement account.

The indictment claims that she did not actually have any financial hardship due to coronavirus, as required by the form.

She is also charged with making false statements to influence a mortgage company, in connection with a vacation home in Florida. She allegedly failed to disclose that she owed “significant amounts of federal taxes” on a mortgage application.

Below is the indictment.

Marilyn Mosby Indictment by Chris Berinato

The Washington Post reported that she is accused of using COVID-19 funds to purchase two Florida rental homes:

The indictment alleges that Mosby requested permission in May and December of 2020 to withdraw $40,000, and then another $50,000, from her City of Baltimore employee retirement account, under a Cares Act clause that enabled people impacted by the coronavirus pandemic to access their money. Mosby claimed both times, under penalty of perjury, that she had experienced “adverse financial consequences” related to work hardships — which federal prosecutors allege was not true.

Mosby received the money, the indictment alleges, then used it to purchase two properties in Florida — a home in Kissimmee and a condo in Long Boat Key.

Of course, Mosby’s attorney issued a statement on her behalf that she is innocent.

“Marilyn Mosby is innocent, has been innocent, and we look forward to defending her in the court of law, and presenting evidence of her innocence to a jury of her peers. We will fight these charges vigorously, and I remain confident that once all the evidence is presented, that she will prevail against these bogus charges—charges that are rooted in personal, political and racial animus five months from her election,” wrote attorney A. Scott Bolden.

He also claimed that had the US Attorney’s Office met with him, there may not have been an indictment.

“However, they refused our numerous requests, refused to inform us as to whether evidence of Ms. Mosby’s innocence that we provided to them, was ever was presented to the grand jury, nor would the office engage us in any discussion whatsoever, prior to the filing of this indictment,” said Bolden in a statement.

Yeah, well, they don’t make the indictments, a jury does.

I dunno, Mosby has demonstrated time and against that she is as corrupt as many Baltimore politicians.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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