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Star Wars: The Last Jedi & How Hollywood Pushes Cultural Change & Political Agendas

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Here we are at the end of 2017, a year better forgotten than remembered with the horrible mass shootings, destructive hurricanes, NFL activism and a fake witch hunt against a duly elected president who for all intents and purposes, seems to be doing what is in the nation’s best interest.

The fight for social change raged on as feminists and race baiters continued to insist they live in a system of oppression, dominated by a white male patriarchy who benefits from unearned privileges in a society plagued by inequality. To them, America represents an old, antiquated system designed to benefit only the rich while keeping minorities down.

There is a hardly a refuge where this divisive message of social justice can be avoided as nearly every aspect of our culture has been infiltrated by the so-called Social Justice Warrior, AKA, communist dingaling. These are indoctrinated snowflakes seeking ways to influence the gullible into viewing Communism in a favorable light, who believe America must be rebuilt in a socialist image to ensure fairness and total equality.

While many people typically seek out entertainment as a means of escaping the real world, it is now nearly impossible to go the movies, for example, without having this same message shoved in our face.

Unfortunately, the much anticipated Star Wars Episode 8 represents the latest example.

Since the release of The Force Awakens in 2015, which had subtle hints of a politically correct agenda but still a fun movie to watch, Star Wars fans, hardcore and casual alike, have been sitting on the edge of their seats awaiting the next chapter in this beloved saga.

There was expectations that Rey had powerful parents, Snoke would have a backstory that tied in the other trilogies and that Luke would kick some serious dark side butt.

Instead, we got a Rey that came from nowhere and a Luke Skywalker who was defeated, ashamed and useless to the story.

One of the overall messages of the film, concerning the character Rey, was that families didn’t matter and that anyone, no matter where they are from can turn out to be somebody special.

This is a message that Americans do not need forced upon them.  We already know this.  By the very virtue of living in America, everyone here is blessed with the possibility of opportunity that many in the world will never know.

Yet, the leftist attitude towards America is that we are an unfair nation that offers an opportunity to white males only, while insisting that everyone from the across the globe is allowed free access for a chance at a better life. Could it be any more contradictory?

It was almost as if Rian Johnson, liberal ding dong extraordinaire, was deliberately flipping Star Wars fans the bird as he knew we had high expectations for Rey’s lineage. It was as if he believed that Star Wars itself, a story about the Skywalker family, represented the patriarchy where only the male Skywalkers held any special significance.

This is, of course, a ridiculous assertion as powerful force users existed before the Skywalkers, some of which were female, by the way.

Rey, who many are referring to as a Mary Sue, was able to do everything effortlessly with no training whatsoever and she made Luke Skywalker look foolish and cowardly.

If Rey’s lineage represents the idea that families aren’t important, what message are they sending about Luke and his attitude towards the failed Jedi Order?

In the film, Luke goes on a rant about the failure of the old Jedi Order and how the Jedi need to die in order to set things right.

The old Jedi Order represents everything the liberals believe to be wrong with America.

This idea is reinforced with Kylo Ren‘s line “Let the past die, kill it if you have to.”

The overall message of the film is that it is time to let the old, antiquated America die and rebuild it in a collective/socialist fashion.

Again, this is reinforced by Kylo Ren commenting on how he intends to burn it all down.

Furthermore, the feminization of Luke Skywalker represents the death of the ever so feared “TOXIC MASCULINITY” that the liberals are now pushing on every male living in the United States.

The fact that Finn, a prominent black character in The Force Awakens, was reduced to a blithering idiot in this film shows that no male is safe from this full frontal assault against testosterone.

Being black alone is no longer a redeemable quality to the social justice snowflakes. You must now be willing to submit yourself to the feminist mantra of ridding yourself of all that is masculine.

Poe Dameron is another example.

In The Force Awakens, there was potential to build him into a cool character that people may have been interested in.

Instead, a feminist woman with purple hair, who proved to play no significant role whatsoever, except for the fact that she, instead of a male, sacrificed herself to save the resistance, belittled him with an overbearing hateful attitude towards men that was way too obvious. As if Princess Leia, in the original trilogy, was reduced to nothing and constantly humiliated by the men in the movies. On the contrary, she was portrayed as a strong, independent woman.

There are many other aspects of this movie such as hints towards animal rights activism and the evil rich oppressing the poor and downtrodden that have turned it into nothing but leftist garbage.

Needless to say, the eighth installment of what is arguably the most popular space saga ever has left many die-hard fans upset to the point that there is little anticipation towards the release of  Episode 9.

It was almost as if the movie was deliberately made to cause the type of controversy and divide that it has in order to discredit the fans that love the saga. After all, the original trilogy, according to Brian D. Buckley, is altogether sexist.

So this trilogy is political revenge and social justice of the highest order. An opportunity for the left to take our male privilege and toxic masculinity and shove it down our throats with girl power.

Furthermore, any opposition to the film on the pretense that it destroyed Luke Skywalker as a character and the fact that it portrays all men as idiots, will be shouted down by the left as also being anti-woman and misogynist.

So, Hollywood has once again been used as a means for pushing cultural change and political agendas instead of realizing their rightful place as entertainers and nothing more. If they keep it up they may find themselves with empty theater seats just as the NFL has empty stadium seats.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

The Washington Standard

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