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Statist Carly Fiorina: If You are Paid by Government, You Must Obey Their Command, Despite the Law

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Kim Davis is now languishing in jail for her faith.  There are many who have come out in support of the stand that she has taken against sodomite unions.  Governor Mike Huckabee has even planned a rally in support of Kim, but there are others who have taken an alternative stance.  It seems that there is an attempt to make a half-way stance.  We find this in the RINO Carly Fiorina.

Fox reports:

Former HP executive Carly Fiorina told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday, “I think that we must protect religious liberties with great passion and be willing to expend a lot of political capital to do so now because it’s clear religious liberty is under assault in many, many ways.”

There has been fewer truer statements made.  We have to understand that there are many different areas in which our religious liberties are being assaulted.  There is the area of sodomy and the will of people to see this perversion be given a special place.  There is the area of punishment, where we see cruel and unusual punishment administered in long prison sentences for minor offenses.  And it is our duty, as Christians, to see that these areas are dealt with properly.  But, there is a caveat to Fiorina’s statement.

Fox continues:

She added: “Having said that, when you are a government employee, I think you take on a different role. When you are a government employee as opposed to say, an employee of another kind of organization, then in essence, you are agreeing to act as an arm of the government. And, while I disagree with this court’s decision, their actions are clear.”

Now, as I pointed out in my article concerning Kim Davis, this is the main problem that has led to this situation.  If we think that it is a good thing that Mrs. Davis stand for what she believes as long as she is not a government official, then we are saying that the government should come first in our obedience.  The problem with this is that there is nowhere that we can turn outside of our public leaders.

If we place our allegiance with the government, then if they abuse their power we have no other place to appeal.  The government would be the final place of appeal for justice in the land.  This leaves us with a totalitarian authority over us.  We obey man, or we spend our lives in jail.

Fox adds:

“Is she prepared to continue to work for the government, be paid for by the government, in which case she needs to execute the government’s will … or sever her employment with the government and go seek employment elsewhere where her religious liberties would be paramount.”

Though Mrs. Fiorina sounds good when discussing her faith and policy, we find that when the rubber meets the road, her statism outweighs her Christianity.  Fiorina makes a good Roman, but not a good Christian.

If our love for America and her government is too important to obey God’s Law, then we are undone.

*Article by Michael Ware

The Washington Standard

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