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Steve Bannon Calls for Dismantling of FBI at Turning Point USA Conference, Advocates for Salting the Earth of Future Headquarters

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The FBI is now the Gestapo, a leftist organization taking orders from the Deep State and Democrat Party. Steve Bannon is taking no prisoners.

At the Turning Point USA conference on Saturday, Steve Bannon, former White House chief advisor and host of “War Room,” called for the dismantling of the FBI. Bannon, who has been a controversial figure, delivered an energetic speech to the crowd in Detroit, describing the FBI as the “American Gestapo” and criticizing the Department of Justice (DOJ). He expressed his intention to “purge” the DOJ and disband the FBI entirely, proposing to demolish the FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., “ugly slab by ugly slab,” and to salt the earth where it stands to prevent any future buildings from being erected there.

Bannon’s remarks came shortly after he was ordered to report to federal prison for defying a subpoena issued by the committee investigating the events of January 6. Despite this, Bannon has repeatedly stated that he is not afraid of incarceration. In his speech, he dismissed the FBI’s accomplishments in counterterrorism and criticized the agency for what he perceives as its focus on targeting ordinary American activities, such as praying at abortion centers and attending school board meetings.

Furthermore, Bannon discussed the legal troubles of former President Donald Trump, predicting that Trump would receive a lengthy prison sentence. Trump, who was recently convicted on multiple felony counts in a case in Manhattan, is set to be sentenced just days before the Republican National Convention. Bannon described the legal actions against Trump as “direct election interference” and vowed that those responsible would face investigation, prosecution, and imprisonment.

Bannon’s statements reflect his ongoing critique of federal law enforcement agencies and his alignment with Trump’s grievances against the political and legal systems. His rhetoric underscores the deep divisions within American politics and the continued tension between Trump supporters and the federal government.  The people all understand what is going on.  We see the fake justice system being used against conservatives. We all know that America is on the verge of collapse into a Marxist dictatorship.  The FBI is turning into a major instrument of the terror now being unleashed on mothers and fathers, Catholics and patriots.

Key Points:

i. Event and Location: Steve Bannon spoke at the Turning Point USA conference in Detroit, advocating for the dismantling of the FBI and the DOJ.

ii. Rhetoric Against FBI: Bannon criticized the FBI, referring to it as the “American Gestapo” and expressed intentions to completely disassemble the agency’s headquarters.

iii. Legal Situation: Bannon, recently ordered to report to federal prison for not complying with a subpoena, emphasized his lack of fear about going to jail.

iv. Critique of Law Enforcement: He dismissed the FBI’s counterterrorism achievements and accused the agency of targeting ordinary Americans over minor activities.

v. Comments on Trump: Bannon predicted a severe prison sentence for former President Donald Trump in relation to his felony convictions, framing it as an act of election interference.

James Kravitz – Reprinted with permission of Whatfinger News

The Washington Standard

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