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Steve Bannon Rebels Against GOP – Does Trump Approve?

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Editor’s Note:  Frankly, whether Trump approves or not is not the issue.  The issue is, is the rebellion against the GOP justified and necessary.  In my opinion, most definitely, and it should also be against the mindset of many “incremental” “conservatives,” as well.

President Trump recently stopped short of supporting Steve Bannon’s coup against Congressional Republicans, but he came about as close as he could without doing so this past week.

When asked about his former chief strategist’s decision to attempt to primary every GOP incumbent in 2018, Trump argued that he understood perfectly how Bannon was feeling.

“Steve is very committed. He’s a friend of mine and he’s very committed to getting things passed. I mean look, I have despite what the press writes, I have great relationships with actually many Senators but in particular with most Republican Senators. But we’re not getting the job done. And I’m not going to blame myself. I’ll be honest. They are not getting the job done.

We’ve had health care approved and then you had a surprise vote by John McCain. We’ve had other things happen. And they’re not getting the job done. And I can understand where Steve Bannon is coming from and I can understand, to be honest with you, John, I can understand where a lot of people are coming from because I’m not happy about it and a lot of people aren’t happy about it. We need tax cuts. We need health care.

I understand how he feels.It depends on who you’re talking about. There are some Republicans, frankly, that should be ashamed of themselves but most of them, I’ll tell you what, I know the Republican Senators. Most of them are really, really great people that want to work hard and they want to do a great thing for the American public. But you’ve had a few people that really disappointed us. They really, really disappointed us. So I can understand fully how Steve Bannon feels. Okay?”

The President did back track somewhat the following day when he sat down with Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) as the two men played nice for the media, and promised everyone who could hear that they had a great relationship. The President even said that he was going to try to talk Bannon out of his war on the GOP establishment…

President Trump and Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell stood side by side in the White House Rose Garden Monday, pledging a united front ahead of a legislative push that may be central to their legacies.

“We are closer than ever before and the relationship is very good,” Trump said of McConnell, whom he has criticized along with other GOP lawmakers for failing to pass his agenda.

Trump even offered something of an olive branch after his former adviser declared “a season of war” against the Republican establishment and pledged to primary party incumbents.

“I’m going to see if we can talk him out of that,” Trump said of Steve Bannon’s efforts.

So, where does the President really stand on Bannon’s rebellion against the GOP?

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com

The Washington Standard

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