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Stop Enslaving Yourself

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When the founders of America decided to secure the Blessings of liberty for themselves and for future generations, they took up arms and risked their lives and fortunes in that noble cause.

They were willing to fight and die and otherwise suffer extreme deprivation for the benefit of those that came after them.

That is to sayfor you and me.

Even though they never met you or me, they sacrificed immensely for us.

Today, America is again under attack by enemies foreign and domestic whose goal is also to reduce us to despotism and slavery.

The tactics are different. Rather than an invading army, we are assaulted and manipulated by disinformation and propaganda. Our liberties have been abused by the very officials whose sworn duty is to protect them. We have been lied to by public health officials who have perpetrated a fake pandemic locking down our economy and society on a false pretext, and weaponizing our doctors and medical institutions against our interest and welfare.

This is not a physical attack but a mental one. Our enemys strategy is to reduce us to slavery by mentally manipulating us to enslave ourselves.

Heres the good news.

You can defeat this enemy.

But you need to decide to resist its lawless mandates.

No matter how inconvenient or embarrassing:

Stop wearing a useless mask.

Stop staying distant from other healthy people.

Stop taking experimental vaccines.

Our founders risked their lives for you.

All you need to do for your grandchildren is stop enslaving yourself.

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