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Tennessee Man Convicted for Selling His Own Daughter for Sex

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There is almost nothing that a parent can do that is worse than not protecting their children. A man that is unwilling to sacrifice himself for the good and welfare of his family is a useless man. Yet, a man who is the danger for his children tops the coward. It would have been better for his children had that man died shortly after their birth. One such man has been discovered in Tennessee.

Christian News reports:

Ronnie Lee McCall, 60, of Johnson City was taken into federal custody in 2013 along with his wife Connie. They were initially charged in 2012 with child abuse and neglect after being arrested by local police, who said that the conditions of their mobile home were “deplorable.”

But officials soon found that sexual exploitation of the couple’s children had also been taking place. The McCalls’ daughters were ages 5, 11, 14 and 16 at the time that the crimes were committed. It is unclear which three of the four daughters had been abused.

As surprising and disgusting as this is, it has become a growing problem. More and more people, addicted to drugs or otherwise depraved are selling themselves, their spouses, and their children into slavery as sex slaves.

WJHL reports:

Thursday, a federal jury convicted Ronnie Lee McCall, 60, of Johnson City on four counts related to the sexual exploitation of three of his daughters, including permitting a child in his custody and control to travel in interstate commerce to produce child pornography; production of child pornography; production of child pornography by a parent; and using a means of interstate commerce to induce a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity (child rape under Tennessee law).

The problem with this is twofold.

First, is the fact that it has taken over two years for this trial to be concluded. This should not have taken so long to get a conviction. This is especially true if the victims could testify to their exploitation. With three witnesses claiming the same crime occurred, there is nothing left to do but move to the penalty stage.

Second, there is the issue of punishment. These people should not be breathing. They forfeited their right to live when they forced their children to commit such heinous acts. This is tantamount to rape, punishable by death according to the word of God.

And we must ask, how is this justice? If the man lives until the end of his sentence, the three victims will have had to give a significant portion of their lives in support of their abusers wellbeing and upkeep.

How is it fair or just that the abuser, convicted of his sinful deed, is now going to have the benefit of free room and board? And at the expense of his victims no less.

Christian News reports:

(A)ccording to The Global Slavery Index, it is estimated that between 57,000–63,000 sex slave victims currently reside in America. Child prostitution is marked by watchdog groups as a growing problem that is inadequately addressed in most states.

If we returned to the Law of God, this would be dealt with in a just manner. But absent the Law of God, there is no justice. I outline this in my book: An Everlasting Covenant. Buy it today.

Article reposted with permission from Freedom Force, the opinions and views shared do not necessarily reflect the views of The Washington Standard

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